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Hey everyone! I’ve been talking in-game with some peeps about attracting more players to Boundless. It feels lonely and bare throughout the game to me, and I’m wondering if you guys are feeling the same way. I’ve heard that the vanilla game may be released within this next year, so it would be nice to get some more people on board for launch. What do you guys think? Do we need more players? Or are you enjoying the game as is?

P.S. I’ve been brainstorming with reapa11 and xaldafax on how to increase the player base, whether it be soon or within the next few months. We have a couple ideas, such as video competitions exploring builds on youtube, and consistent player gatherings in-game.

I’d appreciate any suggestions or opinions on the matter!


I am not lonely. I run into people enough to have my personal space in the game while also having my interactive moments with other players.

But even with that said, a lot of the problems we have concerns about can be solved with more people. Some other problems will be more glaring than before too. But that just comes from more players in general.

I’d love to run around and come across more people. Not sure if my iron and copper ore shop stands can stay stocked up though! hahaha

There just isn’t any real negative thing about having more players to run into.

I think the main problem right now in why people buy the game, log in, look around, play for a couple hours, log out, and then quit is because the game isn’t really marketed. But at the same time there needs to be a lot more content for people to consume. A lot more variety in content. Right now all you have is gathering, crafting, and building. Exploring places is a bi-product of those three things. So providing a variety of different activities for players naturally to do is what will draw in a more larger and more long term player audience.

Think of the idea of pvp worlds that James has posted about a while back. They will be in the game but not as a main focal point. Will this attract more players? Probably. Will Titans and planet roaming bosses bring more people in? Definitely. Content wise there just isn’t much to do and future wipes are bound to occur as well.

So as we get more content to explore and consume as players, the player base of the game will only but increase. There will need to be some marketing on Wonderstruck’s part but that probably will come in time. Content creation on YouTube will serve to get the word out as well. Not necessarily videos exploring builds but even time lapses of a build coming into full completion.

But I think the main crux of what will stir player population growth will be from marketing efforts of Wonderstruck. Without a menu of content for players to experience, there isn’t really a lot to market and advertise.

One thing I’d love to do when Player Owned Worlds becomes a thing is construct my own hand made dungeons and create spawn points for PVE enemies and allow players to explore these dungeons and get a generous reward at the end. But the real question about that is will I be able to have mob spawners and place them like I can in Minecraft? Can I have a chest and then designate it to have 1 to 3 items spawn in it from a loot table of 20 items?

A lot of these things that can help stir interest is in the hands of the development team. Minecraft mods really possess a lot of key inspirational ideas on what sort of content can be developed and put into Boundless. Personally, I’d love to have Thaumcraft golems patrolling my projects and killing animals that come into their aggro range.

Just a couple thoughts of mine. :slight_smile:


I’m really glad to hear the input! It sounds like you’ve got this down to a T :muscle: I guess I’ll wait and let Boundless develop some more and then see what becomes of the player environment. I see enough players that it’s not lonely. But a lot of towns just feel like ghost towns. When a lot more rolls in with the updates, hopefully that aspect will change a bit. Especially with an update like pvp worlds or titans.

When pvp worlds comes around, I’d love to see what you and everyone else will create! Hopefully that same feeling will get those new players playing. I just need to be patient :confused: so hard sometimes! Anyway thank you for your response!
Maybe I’ll run into you in-game. Until then, take care! And good luck with keeping everything in stock once all the newbies come around! lol

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Well my shop is in Aquatopia’s shopping center. I visit my shopping stands a couple times during a play session. Currently on Andooweem mining diamonds. It’s how I get my coal, iron, copper, titanium, and gold as well. lol

As more people join the game, it will force prices to fluctuate.

Probably some kind of military facility that has massive manufacturing capabilities. Since we don’t have “base defense” devices like turrets, it wouldn’t look like an actual base of some kind. I really hope we get some kind of defensive device. It’s almost going to be a necessity if we’re going to want to “colonize” planets of higher levels than 3.


hoteltime theres a youtube video in the making off aquatopia
i provided info to the maker about your place
:smile: also the plaza video has been released gonna be linked on forum soon
that will help with visitors :smile: