More mobility Options

Well just that, for more exact meamings, i’m thinking about crawling, climbing, and that tipe ok things.

For example crawling, just that XD
Climbing just one or two blocks more than your character’s head nothing really op or high, or if its only one block (trees) or gravel/dirt from 5 to 10.

Well tell your opinions, i’m suggestin this for hiding, entrances, tree climbing for all characters, and more options.

It would be really cool.

I’d also say we should be able to craft things like climbing shoes, ropes and picks^^ to increase the climbing height.
Maybe they would just decrease the rate of you slipping while climbing. If you climb without anything you’d most likely fall.
But on the other hand could it be very annoying if you don’t get what you expect. Like random slipping.

a lot of these can be skills in the character progression

But there shouldn’t be too much stuff in the character progression. I mean you could lvl up your strength to indirectly climb more. But dozens of skills like climbing would clutter the character progression screen (or whatever they implement). Rather make items to enable some things. (like we do in RL)
At the same time you could of course have special skills for some races that do the same thing like these items.

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Jepp. to have the ability to skill combat OR mobility would go into a problematic direction. Items could fix it up pretty well, but I think there could be another way: DIfferent fields of Character Attributes

How’s about four fields: Fighting, Building, Exploration and Surviving, like the four main pillars of the Oort gameplay? If you level up you get skillpoints in all 4 fields (may be more in a special one by your race) and you can spend them in the way you want. On this way you don’t have to decide to be more agile or sacrifice your progress on that field for pure firepower.

I know, it is a bit off topic, but just was on my mind :wink:

Not sure if we should discuss it here but as you might remember, I’m not the biggest fan of level “caps”^^ (caps means here not being able to skill out everything.) So I completely agree.

But even with 4 pillars (maybe a 5. one for race/cultural abilitys?) you’d have to much things on the screen if you make every little thing into a skill. Maybe have milestones for some skills which unlock things you don’t have to train seperatly. Again strength is a good example. Besides your ability to maybe hit harder, which is the primary function of this skill, you could climb at lvl 5 and carry more things at lvl 20 or something like that.
In your “system” this strenth skill would then be in the fighting tree/field right?
Maybe there are some things which need skills from multiple fields to be enabled.
As I was writing this, it occured to me that this system would be very flexible^^

edit. yea very off topic^^

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I second this!
Crawling would be cool if you’re playing as a taller race, and climbing would be awesome for navigating the world w/o a grapling hook. If it were just 2-3 blocks even that would be great, and that way you could negate a lot of issues that we have with the kinda imprecise movement. It would make any parkour in the game really fun as well.

mile stones are great as long as they are not only a little stat bonus on each one. Unlocked abilities sound great ;D … On the caps I think we should have a look on the ideas of the devs, but if possible I also don’t like them. I love the advancing like in the TES-Series or Final Fantasy II: Learning by doing, but we will have to see if it is a good way for progress in a this specific voxel game :wink:

they talked about climbing being a racial ability for a race. and things like underwater breathing for another, also talked about the possiblity of making a race only consume ½ a block everytime he builds so he can place 2 for 1’s cost

@werff sorry to play grammar nazi, but can you correct the title?

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Sorry it is mobility right? XDDD i’m not english XDDD sorry i will change it now XD

thanks. its just so people will have an easier time finding it through search :smiley:

NP :smiley: thk to you english is not my mother tongue, and in spanish its called “movilidad” XDD

I really like this idea. As an old minecraft player a personal favorite mod of mine was the smart moving mod. Having a system that includes climbing, crawling, sliding, diving etc I think would be a great asset to the game making movement more fluid as I think it would work really well with the grappling hook adding to the more fluid movement style