More people post review on Steam - DO IT NOW :-)


I just did one. The game deserves it :slight_smile: At 688 hours it’s a no-brainer.


I have a negative review since the alpha, and have no intent to change it until all the promised features are implemented. I only have about 30 hours, but i never have time to play video games too much. Not worth to get into without the missing features. I’m being too harsh i know, but at this point the game isn’t “good”.


I reviewed my review, and it’s not representative of the current build. I will remove it when i get home.


Thoughtful. I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek with my OP. And you know, I find negative reviews quite useful, too. There’s one up on Steam on the front page that has pros and cons … and all the cons are things I like. Go figure. e.g. “Portals are expensive to keep open”. Well I like working to keep portals open and I like that some people put a huge amount of effort into long range portals.


your account description says you love it :grin:


I posted my review moments ago…its long but hope it inspires some folks to give Boundless a go!


A couple of years ago the then community manager gave out forums badges for Steam reviews.

The reviews had no criteria; they could be positive or negative (though if you incentivise them here then most will no doubt be positive anyway, so it’s a pretty good scheme).

Perhaps they should give out 2019 Steam review badges again?


I wanted to wait until I’d played for awhile…I think 1500 hours is good enough lol
…going to write my review now…


only 1500? are you sure you like the game? :smiley:


ok, ok…just put up new review (still had early access one up).
Now leave me alone, have stuff to build…


Hmm, still testing. Need more. :wink::sunglasses:


Yeah I only have 1320 hours in…I should test it out a little more.

Those are also only STEAM hours. I bet I have a few more in since 2014…but yeah I should still check it out some more.


Yup I’ll put one up tonight, I enjoy the game a bunch and while there are things I’m excited to see implemented I have no complaints at all for the current build. 5 stars


Sadly for us PS4 users, no such thing beside a thumb up and star rating :frowning:


I made a review with my measly hours lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Where? I don’t remember saying that, but at one point i did. I hope i still will be able to in the future.


Hey folks, check this out…the recent positive reviews have changed the status:


Don’t forget to like others’ reviews…it helps send the reviews to the top for potential players to see.


I’m currently at 803 hours…working on 800 more! :grin:


I knew we could !!!


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