More people post review on Steam - DO IT NOW :-)


I just deleted my review, and posted a completely fresh one.


When i do that i just see Hugh Janus
No pun intended.


Don’t forget to actually agree with the positive reviews before liking them.


You can make a steam account and review it off the phone or internet i think.


Only if you own the game on Steam iirc



I took a screenshot, now you have to stand by your word that you love the game. :joy:


Well ofc, read them first lol :thinking::sunglasses:


Shieet. But I have had the game for a while. Now I don’t have the game too? Sucks…


Some of the negative review are really odd - “if you don’t login all your stuff despawns” WHaaat? But … beacon fuel!!!


beacon fuel only works if you log in to refresh it the point people make with that i think is the fact the game des not allow you to just “take a brake” you have to keep playing even if you dont want too to craft the fuel to prevent all your stuff form being lost


Yeah, some of them seem to have not played the game very long or they are mad about something else. A lot of the info they are giving is 100% incorrect and has nothing to do with Boundless. Very weird


Actually I paraphrased. To quote accurately, what they actually said was “you forget to log in one day for whatever reason? bye bye house”. How would you get to that opinion after less than an hour played?


They must have placed a camp fire and not a beacon. :woman_shrugging: Maybe there should be requirements to place a review…like 25 hours+ played. I’d really like it to be 100-250+ hours played, but I guess that’s not reasonable lol


tbh its well known that steam reviews are a joke some people do look at them for a rough baseline (like if its all negative) but for the most part i think people use friends/ outside sources which unfortunately there is next to none of


Makes me wonder if campfires should even be a thing. Why not let people handcraft the beacon and fuel it instead. Makes more sense imo


Yeah, since we’re an alien species on an alien planet…beacons make sense. Not sure human/caveman style wood+rock campfires do lol


Shoot, I only have 873 hrs on this game in the last few months. Is that enough to write a review? I’ve never done one before. Hahaha! :slight_smile:

Edit: we only have a 67% “mixed” review on steam now! Eff!


Some negative reviews have made a few logical points as to why they didn’t like the game. Everyone likes what they like. However, reviews like this one are not cool



find it kind of odd how most of the negative reviews no matter what they got to say will always have helpful points