More than 3 characters


Can we have more than 3 characters please? Maybe 4 or 5?


Hi @Obrajo !! :smiley:

Do you have an idea for a 4th or 5th character?

Personally I don’t really think that you need more than 3 characters, but i see you joined few days ago (1st june)
so i belive that is better if i explain myself (shortly)

In my opinion you have mainly 3 kinds of characters:

1st character: Crafter
take it around lvl 25-28 by general playng (build, craft, hunt, mining, etc…), once you have enough skillpoint to take all the crafting skills you need, full reset it and go pure; will craft anything you will need for your other characters, buildings, shop etc

2nd character: Hunter
Easier character to grow up, no doubt on basic skills to be taken, will get all the hunting materials you need for your crafter (gems included in meterorites), resistant and dangerous, will spend a lot of money on equipment if your crafter doesn’t help, but will make even more money than what you spend for him

3th Character: Gatherer/Explorer
generic character with a lot of masteries, axe/hammer/bombs expert, fast runner and luminescence for both surface and cave exploring, running away from aggressive monsters

considering that you have 3 full skill reset a week and a cleanse point every level up that gives a further flexibility to those builds, what would you do with a 4th or 5th character?

p.s.: i have 2 characters, and actually don’t know what i would do with a 3th, so i am sincerly curious to know what would you do with a 4th or 5th character :smiley:


I just want different “mains” for different planets.


what do you mean with different “mains”?

you can go from planet to planet with the same character, and owns different buildings in every planet :open_mouth:
if the problem is the number of plots, consider that you will always get plots at level up, even once you hit the cap lvl (50) you will still gain a +lvl every 200k exp and get more plots (for example, i have more than 650 plots on one character)


Oh you keep getting plots after hitting level 50? I didn’t realise that. Yeah that’s one of the things, but I guess I’m spoiled from other mmos that let me have up to 30 chars (Lord of the Rings Online) etc. It just feels a little restrictive at 3 chars.


Well you really do only need 3 characters to be honest. But I have 2 accounts with 4 characters so far. I like the fact I can Have 2 online at the same time. to each there own though.


There was some previous discussions when alts first came out about trying to get another alt or two but nothing came of it so far. I’m not sure the devs agree that anything more than 3 is needed.

For another option, you could look at upgrading to one of the packages that give you additional accounts for either “instant access” or “after 1.0”. That would give you more options.


I’ll defenitely need another char as Forger… I really do :slight_smile:


If the developers do let you have alternative skill sets for the same character, do you still think you need to have more than 3 alts?


You get other things from levelling (also you experience levelling, fun in itself) like coins. I’d welcome more slots, even in an in-game shop. Or the idea of reincarnation of an existing char so you can level them again (perhaps time-gated), perhaps for a small additional benefit.


Perhaps not… I am one of the people that has 2 copies of the game, partly for more plots, partly for more skill sets, partly to have 2 characters online at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:
although I haven’t used the 2nd account in a little while, the last time was only to go hunting with my 2nd hunter because I had just reset my hunter’s skills to go spleefing :laughing:
I have thought about merging them and paying the difference if any to upgrade to the next level…
because plots…
but then I wouldn’t be able to warp to my other character and warp home if I don’t have a saved location or if my inventory is full
or have a random friend hop on my other computer and join me in game to try Boundless out…

Alas, even with 2 computers, the other is running an old version of linux (that can’t even connect to the internet) and I’m not really good with wine anyway. :wine_glass::face_vomiting:


OK that I understand. I do get additional licenses, and would like to get the plots associated with those characters and alts.


I strongly advice against giving us more characters…

The more characters we are able to make the more any one person can do everything and no longer need to interact with other people via the economy…

Making more characters is all good and well for some players who just want to play single player minecraft but this is suppose to be an MMORPG and as such you need the community to interact… The Economy needs the character limit in order to limit the skills any one player can have so that people must buy and sell stuff…

So I vote no for more characters!

I also vote No to letting us easily swap out skills sets too… Most people don’t think about whats need for a good economy because frankly they likely don’t care… They want to be as self sufficient as they possibly can be… So I assume my opinion will not be popular but I also will tell you straight up its the un popular opinion that is far better off for the game’s health…

The economy in this game is a very intricate part of the end game play… Without the healthy economy the game has their would be even less end game play then their already is… This area of the game is lacking… Almost all of the current end game stuff, Meteors for hunters to sell stuff to crafters to sell stuff back to Consumers is all Economy…

The easier you make it for any one person to do it all and not visit a shop stand the more boring and lacking you make the game become the quicker people will head out the door to the next game…


Yes, well we don’t NEED to play games either.


I don’t see a need for shop stands either as it is. People can easily do everything themselves with two or three characters. Most shop stands I see are always empty and I rarely see anyone looking at ones that do have items. I haven’t bothered setting one up or a request basket to sit there and gather dust. Swapping out skill sets just tells me I only need one character and no other people. I can play forever on one character and never interact with another player if we can swap out skill sets. It eliminates any specialties and any need for interaction. Since so many complain about not having time to do everything that other players with more time have it appears thats what we are headed for. So, it looks like I’ll go to one character for 1.0 and play other games more than Boundless in the future. I have thought about going back to Perfect World, ESO, or Guild Wars 2 or even possibly WoW to see the new content as I haven’t been in there in many years.


I’ll be honest, I’d love to have more than 3 characters and multiple skill builds per character on a single account. I’d just love to have the option if I choose to do it. Not that it’s a deal breaker to keep playing. If I really want more characters I can just buy more accounts.

I wouldn’t interact with people less with more characters. In fact, it would probably increase how much I interact with others in and out of game. But I don’t think I’d need more than 3 characters anyways if I was really being honest. I just like having the option there if I really wanted it. It’s also nice to have multiple characters in general in case you want to have hidden shops on different worlds that you don’t advertise or other projects that require more plots. I mean you already can buy more plots anyways with more game copies. /shrugs

Also, how many characters you have doesn’t really matter if you’re going to have a discussion on in game economics. Having 30 characters on a single account doesn’t mean anything when economics is about the production, consumption and the transfer of a person’s wealth. If the coin isn’t flowing, nobody in the discussion about this game’s economics is going to care if you have 30 characters that can do everything in the game 10 times over. That’s just not how that discussion would ever be framed and presented.

When 1.0 hits, I’ll probably work on getting each character of my 3 to level 50 and consider the possibility of buying 1 additional account for an additional 3 characters, more plots, small amount of coin, and 3 new hidden names.


I think they should definitely have additional character slots, I don’t think alts have more affects on the gameplay pass what we already have. After 3, you can do everything. I also understand you will be able to do everything with 1 character but that remains to be seen. Grinding plots on one toon is definitely better than making new alts IMO.
(If you want me to find a quote where they said that 1 toon will be able to do everything I can but I am lazy so I rather not go out of my way, I mean I probably could have done it in the time it tooke to write this long running sentence).


I think perhaps in terms of allowing for more playstyles (ie. the players that prefer multiples of alts) this would make sense. However, I think it also depends on how the skills are developed by the time 1.0 comes out.


Hey debate debate, and I didn’t take part of it yet.
For me the game should allow you to play only one character, not 2 not 3, just 1.
These are not limitations, these are rules.
If you want to craft 1 warp conduit, you can’t craft it with soil and mud… you have to craft it with the right ingredients.
Now call it limitation or call it rule, I prefer to call it rule, otherwise which is the sense of the crafting gameplay???
I don’t know the plot system very well I feel like for now it is not ok, but I can’t say too much I am not level 50 yet, I didn’t test the feeling of it. Probably would be nice to buy/sell plots, renting plots/houses with coins.
Like this if you don’t like to be a builder or crafter, buy everything at the shop, you can rent your plots to somebody else and continue your journey into a 8x8 cube doing what you like (;
For the mastery system I think it should be nice to have a food that restore skills, instead of having it every week. I think for now is like this because of the test status of the game so devs may test more stuff.
One more thing, the Death penalty isn’t great, once you maxed out the death penalty you wont lose practically anything outside the food bonuses.
One solution may be as follows: Each world has a level from 1 to 10 or even higher.
On level 1 world for example, if you die you keep your items, but you still lose some % of the items if you don’t have the Death Penalty skill. You can continue making all type of risk games in this world without losing anything.
On world of level 2, if you die you lose your equipped items.
Like this each level of the world is even more dangerous not just the mobs.
On level 3 you lose the equipped item and half of the food in your inventory.
On level 4 you lose all your functional items.
On level 5 you lose everything in your inventory and drop coins.
Ecc. Ecc. Ecc.
On level 10 if you die you are going to be marked and you will have the same effect of a level 5 world death into a level 1 world until you kill the mob that killed you.
For the trading system I think you should have in the main menu a list of the trading blocks you have. So you would know in real time if the baskets are empty or not. Something similar to the Beacon fuel.
It would be nice also to have a block to trade items for items instead of items for coins.
For example if I put a request basket near a shop stand it would be nice to trade directly the item, not for coins, but for the item into the basket and vice versa.

ps. “Bring Ice to me and I give sapphires to you!!!”
pss. Don’t mind my english :smiley:


Have you ever taken part in a meteor hunt?

I doubt that you have, as you would know death penalty is pretty much mandatory or you would have nothing but broken gear…

Even if your lvl 50 with max armor… You will still have broken gear! And I dont mean partially broken I mean total destruction… Because even level 50’s with great stats will die regularly at the meteor hunts. Half of these deaths are because of something that’s likely a bug… Mobs pushing you into the block of doom and the in-movable block does 16,000 damage to you instantly… But still the point is death is just a reality of the current combat mechanics even with great skill you cannot mitigate death enough to play without death penalty reduction…

Though I understand your point and were you are coming from and in a world were everyone were just doing normal hunting not meteors it would likely possibly work but once you toss the meteors into the equation death penalty reduction is definately NOT optional…