More than 3 characters


I don’t see a need for shop stands either as it is. People can easily do everything themselves with two or three characters. Most shop stands I see are always empty and I rarely see anyone looking at ones that do have items. I haven’t bothered setting one up or a request basket to sit there and gather dust. Swapping out skill sets just tells me I only need one character and no other people. I can play forever on one character and never interact with another player if we can swap out skill sets. It eliminates any specialties and any need for interaction. Since so many complain about not having time to do everything that other players with more time have it appears thats what we are headed for. So, it looks like I’ll go to one character for 1.0 and play other games more than Boundless in the future. I have thought about going back to Perfect World, ESO, or Guild Wars 2 or even possibly WoW to see the new content as I haven’t been in there in many years.


I’ll be honest, I’d love to have more than 3 characters and multiple skill builds per character on a single account. I’d just love to have the option if I choose to do it. Not that it’s a deal breaker to keep playing. If I really want more characters I can just buy more accounts.

I wouldn’t interact with people less with more characters. In fact, it would probably increase how much I interact with others in and out of game. But I don’t think I’d need more than 3 characters anyways if I was really being honest. I just like having the option there if I really wanted it. It’s also nice to have multiple characters in general in case you want to have hidden shops on different worlds that you don’t advertise or other projects that require more plots. I mean you already can buy more plots anyways with more game copies. /shrugs

Also, how many characters you have doesn’t really matter if you’re going to have a discussion on in game economics. Having 30 characters on a single account doesn’t mean anything when economics is about the production, consumption and the transfer of a person’s wealth. If the coin isn’t flowing, nobody in the discussion about this game’s economics is going to care if you have 30 characters that can do everything in the game 10 times over. That’s just not how that discussion would ever be framed and presented.

When 1.0 hits, I’ll probably work on getting each character of my 3 to level 50 and consider the possibility of buying 1 additional account for an additional 3 characters, more plots, small amount of coin, and 3 new hidden names.


I think they should definitely have additional character slots, I don’t think alts have more affects on the gameplay pass what we already have. After 3, you can do everything. I also understand you will be able to do everything with 1 character but that remains to be seen. Grinding plots on one toon is definitely better than making new alts IMO.
(If you want me to find a quote where they said that 1 toon will be able to do everything I can but I am lazy so I rather not go out of my way, I mean I probably could have done it in the time it tooke to write this long running sentence).


I think perhaps in terms of allowing for more playstyles (ie. the players that prefer multiples of alts) this would make sense. However, I think it also depends on how the skills are developed by the time 1.0 comes out.


Hey debate debate, and I didn’t take part of it yet.
For me the game should allow you to play only one character, not 2 not 3, just 1.
These are not limitations, these are rules.
If you want to craft 1 warp conduit, you can’t craft it with soil and mud… you have to craft it with the right ingredients.
Now call it limitation or call it rule, I prefer to call it rule, otherwise which is the sense of the crafting gameplay???
I don’t know the plot system very well I feel like for now it is not ok, but I can’t say too much I am not level 50 yet, I didn’t test the feeling of it. Probably would be nice to buy/sell plots, renting plots/houses with coins.
Like this if you don’t like to be a builder or crafter, buy everything at the shop, you can rent your plots to somebody else and continue your journey into a 8x8 cube doing what you like (;
For the mastery system I think it should be nice to have a food that restore skills, instead of having it every week. I think for now is like this because of the test status of the game so devs may test more stuff.
One more thing, the Death penalty isn’t great, once you maxed out the death penalty you wont lose practically anything outside the food bonuses.
One solution may be as follows: Each world has a level from 1 to 10 or even higher.
On level 1 world for example, if you die you keep your items, but you still lose some % of the items if you don’t have the Death Penalty skill. You can continue making all type of risk games in this world without losing anything.
On world of level 2, if you die you lose your equipped items.
Like this each level of the world is even more dangerous not just the mobs.
On level 3 you lose the equipped item and half of the food in your inventory.
On level 4 you lose all your functional items.
On level 5 you lose everything in your inventory and drop coins.
Ecc. Ecc. Ecc.
On level 10 if you die you are going to be marked and you will have the same effect of a level 5 world death into a level 1 world until you kill the mob that killed you.
For the trading system I think you should have in the main menu a list of the trading blocks you have. So you would know in real time if the baskets are empty or not. Something similar to the Beacon fuel.
It would be nice also to have a block to trade items for items instead of items for coins.
For example if I put a request basket near a shop stand it would be nice to trade directly the item, not for coins, but for the item into the basket and vice versa.

ps. “Bring Ice to me and I give sapphires to you!!!”
pss. Don’t mind my english :smiley:


Have you ever taken part in a meteor hunt?

I doubt that you have, as you would know death penalty is pretty much mandatory or you would have nothing but broken gear…

Even if your lvl 50 with max armor… You will still have broken gear! And I dont mean partially broken I mean total destruction… Because even level 50’s with great stats will die regularly at the meteor hunts. Half of these deaths are because of something that’s likely a bug… Mobs pushing you into the block of doom and the in-movable block does 16,000 damage to you instantly… But still the point is death is just a reality of the current combat mechanics even with great skill you cannot mitigate death enough to play without death penalty reduction…

Though I understand your point and were you are coming from and in a world were everyone were just doing normal hunting not meteors it would likely possibly work but once you toss the meteors into the equation death penalty reduction is definately NOT optional…


Have you ever taken part in a meteor hunt?

Yes :smiley:
I started playing one week ago and i died once (the meteor hit me right in the face!!)

I doubt that you have, as you would know death penalty is pretty much mandatory or you would have nothing but broken gear…
death penalty reduction is definitely NOT optional…

I come from games that when you die, your dead, game over. I am new to the MMORPG but anyway i don’t like the death penalty skill it is too overpowered right now It just make healers less important. You can have 100% protection in low level worlds but this protection should be removed on higher level planets. Take your risk!!
The death should just remove you the bonus of a food? no no too easy! Like this you just die and die and die, without using anything and you will be ok. People just grind for that skill, if it is like this i think that Death Penality skill should be implemented as a buff instead of a skill.
Hunting I think it is the best way to exp, also easy to get gems.
Why would you pass 2h in a mine hoping you will find a lot of amethyst, just go hunt meteors and you will know for sure you will get all types of gems… With meteors you get a ton of experience.
I leveled up so quickly by hunting only!!! 1000 xp for killing the flying squid, really? And you get only 4 xp when you mine a block.
If someone wants to grind lvl 5 meteors, make a good team, tanks, dps, healers ecc, and go hunt, knowing you will have a bit of stress by doing it because it will be way riskier but without death penalty… probably 25% on death is too high, anyway we can think about this.
It took me tons of time to get from level 1 to 10 by doing mining, crafting and building…
Than I got lvl 30 by hunting in one day!!!
Would you exp by hunting or by mining, crafting, building, trading ecc???
Right now, hunting is too easy, and it cuts off the other professions, and I think everyone can access hunting, even the inexperienced players like me, just because of the Death Penalty skill.
Free :tickets::tickets::tickets: to level 50+
A sapphire costs only 400, a block of ice 2…… What???
I can mine the block of ice with a totem, would I kill a mob with a totem? Why not killing it with my Sapphire weapon on my fresh lvl 15 character!! Now I can go from zero to hero in 3 days. And someone want more characters, this is the reason I think only 1 character should be allowed.

-Nerf the mobs xp reward.
-Nerf the Death Penalty Skill, or make it permanent on low level worlds only, players will take it anyway. 100% is too much on past lvl 3 worlds.
+Buff the rare drops on higher level mobs.
+Buff mining, building, crafting XP reward.
+Buff plots number.


I’d prefer to do away with the death penalty reduction altogether personally. You don’t git gud by it only being a minor inconvenience if you die.


If the death penalty skill was removed then I’d probably go find another game to play … having everything in my inventory destroyed wouldn’t encourage me to continue, it would have the opposite effect for me. I don’t really go on community hunts due to work etc so mining for gems is pretty much my main way of getting them. I’m quite happy to gain experience points at a steady pace as I’m in no rush.


Or even have the death penalty affect something other than tool decay. Even a simple debuff for a while might be better in my opinion.

I just know from experience when you’re new and you’re given a shiny tool from a veteran, it really hurts when you die and that tool decays so much, especially when you try and use that tool sparingly.

That being said, I also don’t see it as a major issue, if it is even an issue.


So there are a lot of good points made here…

Currently the reason there are no healers if you will is because healing is VERY broken…
Healing is the most effective way to generate threat… If you are healing in a meteor you should be the tank as he is the one using a shielding Pie and trying to keep agro…

Your right everyone else can die without much penalty if there not using food… And they don’t have to use food this is also true because if they do use food like for instance a Critical Pie they will drag agro off the tank… Sorta like the issue with healing…

However as long as mobs can push you ONE TILE into a block and cause 16,000 damage to you a Tank with full armor and a shielding pie… And instantly kill you… Well the death penalty reduction becomes a very needed skill to band aid some serious problems…

If they fixed the whole death bye physically being pushed into non movable object issue then I would start to be on board with making the death penalty reduction not be 100% However I would not be on board with taking it out completely…

As for your assumption that Hunting is the end all be all only way to level its about 60% correct… Hunting is a very strong way to level…

But its not the only path… However another effective path is not one found bye many new players as it requires more advances knowledge of the game…

Combine a Teaching Pie with Bomb Mining and you can Rack up a lot of xp and WAY more Gems then you can get bye hunting!!!

Note 1-30 is easier then 30-50
if you go into a hunt as a lvl 20-24 player with teaching Pies you can gain 8 levels on a good 2 hour hunt…
going from 28-32 with a teaching pie on the next hunt…
32-35 on the following hunt
35-37 on the next one…
2 lvls is pretty standard till around lvl 46 and then your happy to get 1 level per hunt…

So yes Hunting is fast xp but its not as Zero to Hero as you think… Keep on hunting its a good way to progress in the game but you will discover that the xp needed to level up does follow a curve… I would not mind that curve be stiffened up a bit BUT…

Stiffening up that curve because of hunting then makes the game harder for all the other people who may not want to take part in the community and they want to be a solo player making hay the harder way as you pointed out…


I totally agree on this! I have two accounts too. Unfortunately my second account doesn’t share my mains supporter perks.


Healing is great! (Kinda off topic but oh well) you can end up getting a tonne of xp, and you’re being helpful. So, I guess if the threat thing changes it would be better, but I use healing bombs from time to time in the hunts and love them.


See I don’t like that habbit, when you split them up literal restarts you get issues. :confused: I did my crafter first but led to me doing a hybrid as a hunter and gather then finished it all off on the other two.


i belive that is normal, i also my crafter growed as hybrid hunter, around lvl 38-40 i respecced it to pure crafter…
the hunter character was an hybrid with explorer-gatherer up to lvl 35 then respecced to pure hunter
in the last few days i ve done the new 3th character, it will be the underground and surface gatherer, but will be hybrid hunter till a certain lvl (and will probably be an hybrid character anyway)

so yes, you are right… but then once you have characters specialized in getting all the materials needed to craft, the crafter will start to do exp just crafting


5 chars

Video games are about enjoyment and fun, not -need-


Define need.

Personally, for me to enjoy a game I need goals. I like games that allow me to create goals and work towards them. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. If I don’t have goals I end up just standing in one spot doing nothing and getting bored of the game.

So I guess I don’t quite understand what you mean by “need” because if you are referring to need as being different from enjoyment and fun then I’d have to disagree in terms of my own play style as need is what drives me at the very least.


Gatherer/miner/builder all on my main.
Pure hunter -tank(alt)
Pure crafter(alt)

Who needs more than 3 toons :rofl:

(I did remove death penalty from my main and hunter as a test, successful on my hunter but I am careless on my main but not impossible)


nah Obrajo, don’t take me wrong when i say you have to increase your game’s knowledge…

it is absolutely as @Rumplypigskin said

builder skills are really few (chisel’s skills), decorative blocks are done by the crafter

healer as it is now just use the bomb skill (same as the mining bomb tecnique that will use a gatherer, or a trapper during hunts…) and anyway you don’t need any skills to heal yourself with copper bombs…

probably i have over-specified things, but don’t worry, most of people are able to cover everything they enjoy to do with 2 chars :stuck_out_tongue: plus you have 3 total reset skills a week and a cleanse point every level…

when the new skill set will be released we will have more to say, as it is now you have 3 chars and a lot of flexibility…

I feel like peoples like to rush on everything but never take in consideration that if you level a character up to lvl 50 you will have 1500 skill points to distribute and litterally infinite number of plots… on my main i have 837 plots right now (only 238 used)… on the secondary lvl 45, i have 337 plots (only 164 used)…


It seems like there’s an awful lot of resistance to a simple idea that would make me happy and not really negatively impact anyone else.

Why is that?

I mean, it’s not like you’d be required to use 4 or 5 characters if you were given the option and no one loses out if we do get more than 3 characters so what’s the big deal?

I want more than 3 characters because it’s fun, nothing more complicated than that. It’s fun.