Most Discourteous Player Ever


I suspect so.

Oddly there is a setting for boundless that says ‘show continuous chat’ or similar, not in game to check but suggests it would continue to display the chat on screen but it doesn’t unfortunately.


was stated that he’s been seen talking on hunts


Communication on hunts vs attention while building can be different mindset; also there is possibility that OP mistook someone on a hunt when it wasn’t same person. (Not placing doubts against OP but this whole thread is just a string of many possabilities lol)


Some people like to keep to themselves, or their small group of friends. Heck, some people have a hard time dealing with other people even online. Assuming the person did notice and hear you (but maybe they didn’t, as others have said) it would’ve been nice to respond, but I don’t think they have an obligation to.

There are a bunch of reasons why someone might not want random people to join up to their settlement. And yes, I agree that communication could have helped a lot, but… I think you can take the silence as an answer here.

There are plenty of awesome settlements where people definitely want new settlers. (Although as an aside, I wouldn’t mind a new thread with a list of those settlements, since it can be hard to tell if a place is still active).

Anyway, this is the 2nd thread and although the person isn’t named it feels kind of like harassment to me. Op got their answer, even if it was less than courteous. Move on and have fun (plenty of people DO want you around), rather than dredging up a month old event to tell us that we can laugh last because random guy lost some of his roads. Sorry that probably sounds a little harsh, but it is how the OP read to me.


Being “warden” isn’t a voluntary role or some sort of job. It’s just a label that the game forces on you when it so decides. People shouldn’t be expected to care about these fictional responsibilities. Many do care and that is fine. But to others it is just a game label that isn’t wanted, desirable, or have any meaning.


No disrespect intended, but conversing with ps4 players is a nightmarish, patience learning experience for a fast typing pc player. I can tell 100% of the time I am speaking with a ps4 player when they look at me and 2 minutes later I get the time troubled reply sentence, “Hello, I am fine, how are you?” Usually at the point when I started running away already believing they don’t know English.

Console players may wish to purchase a bluetooth keyboard if they are going for mmo games.


Pro tip for ps4 players with keyboards: type t to start a chat. Makes it a lot faster. But am used to ps4 and keyboards with other mmos :man_shrugging:


Also just hit the enter key on the keyboard to bring up the window.


As I PS4 player, I agree it can be painful. it’s been a long time since we’ve had a game without the ability to talk to other players. Feels a little 90’s going back to text chat :smile:

Controller typing is not really geared for conversation. I purchased a keyboard so I can type to people in Boundless and it makes chatting achievable.

@uacko brings up an interesting point. Warden and Viceroy are clearly community roles, but the way you earn the title doesn’t necessarily mean you wish to take a leading role in the community. You are given those goals as objectives to achieve.