Move camera along a spline to record

This is to the devs, so for minecraft there is this mod called camera studio basically its a mod which you can set a designated path for a camera to follow and record, its what time lapses use (the ones that move) and im wondering if in a long term thing after 1.0 youd be able to implement something like it into the game for buildings like I.

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We have something like this we use internally, but it’s not in a state right now that it could be released. Wouldn’t surprise me if we released it at some point in the future, but it would need a fair amount of work to work on the live servers.


yay well if it gets rleased alot of builders may be happy, or just general players who want to record building or even titan battles!

maybe it can be an addition to higher backer ranks? Wayfarer and up

Not about who can/can’t access, just a bunch of work to release for small percentage of people who will use it. Perhaps when we’ve done more gameplay :slight_smile:

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If you made something like camera studio in Oort Online, I would make a lot of cinematics!
I made some pretty cool videos with camera studio mod in minecraft =D

But it’s not something you should focus on before 1.0.


Would be amazing!

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