Moving level cap and Enemys!

Wellcome Oortarians,

I’ve been thinking about an living world, and thats how I got the Idea for an living levelcap.

I’m sure in Oort Online there will be a lot of Enemys with diffrent level from 1-whatever the top level will be. So Some Places will be full of lvl 40 Enemys while some others are for low level players from 1-10.
In the most Games you’ll know where to find an enemy type. Also you will know what lvl the Enemys are, but i think there should be some varriation just to make things intresting and to feel like the world would move and live.

You can variate the type of Monster spawning in an area. Lets say the enemy type changes randomly between 10-12 hours, but only if:

  1. Noone is around (It would be strange if you fight agains something and all is changing while you fight)
  2. Everything got beaten, like if you see some Rats, kill them and you stay in the area, the next thing that spawns are Crabs.

It also could be that the new monster type has an sightly or totally diffrent level. Like you knew there have been lvl 4 Rats, you come back after some hours to beat the hell out of the Rats and get some xp, but there are no lvl 4 rats anymore, but lvl 12 crabs. and youre to low to “beat the hell out of them”

And so I come to my second suggsestion: Moving level cap.

It might be that at one place are more spawnpoints for diffrent groups of the same enemy type, that would mean that some spawnpoint will have the same mob after changing the type, but it wont be the same level. here it also could be that you see rats lvl 20 and later there are rats lvl 30.

I was thinking about that because in this way you have to explore the World a bit more to learn in wich region what monster lives and where they are mostly. You dont just learn the position of the monsters you search but the region and have to find that monster in your lvl cap.

I’m not sure if what I’m saying is making much sense so… just think about it and tell me what you think about an moving level, enemy, or level and enemy cap.

Greetings Opulus.

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Firstly. i think they kinda want to stay away from classic levels and go more for profiency in armors and weapons. almost the same thing, but

i like the idea of being able to kill every one of the animals so they have to wait some times before they respawn, but i think you shouldnt allow them to move in level. because that would be really impractical if you want to level up for example. they should generally stay the same levels in the same areas, but i wouldnt mind having different enemy types spawn as long as it is logical.

Bouth the level i thought like, the Enemys who “move” have an slightly variabel Level like from 1-5 and from 5-10 or 3-7 things like that, with every time it not only changes their new spawn position but also their level, so there is more variation.

might make more variation, but again it will really not be noob friendly >.<

oh common, as if someone isnt abel to search for an monster 20-50 blocks further xD And I dont mean to replace lvl 1-10 mobs instantly with lvl 50-60 mobs