[Mu Leo] --[Blast Tier 6 Exoworld]--

Oh ok, so no more water over lava i guess since the water patch. Never really looked into this. this why the foliage is like yellowish light color.

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How long do exo’s stay around for?

Never actually checked myself, I usually just read the expiry date and time provided by gorillastomp at the top of these threads

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They vary in lifespan.

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Exos stay for 4-5 days usually.


Ohh oops, I didn’t notice the “last until” part, thanks.

Any way to hide UI on PS?

Idk if you can completely hide it but I know you can shrink it, it would be nice if PS4 had a PC like keybind to clear the ui, like hold L1 then click touchpad.

I have a USB keyboard. If you press F10 the UI disappears.

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I found a meteor shaped object made of native gleam. I guess it was a gleambow meteor though? When I Regenned it, it went away.

I thought regen doesn’t work on exos.

Regen won’t activate on its own. And resources won’t regen. But you can use regen bombs on basic mats(gleam,rock,wood,etc)


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