Murder in Pixelgate?

Highlight from a stream I did recently. The ice slide in Pixelgate is a death trap now and I didn’t know that you can actually push another player in game. This was a lot of fun and I still laugh each time I watch this video.


How can you push other player? I don’t think that’s possible.

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible at all. I could run through people constantly with no effect the other day.

I’m fairly certain that he just stepped back right when Twisted Foot stepped forward, in order to maintain his personal space.

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Yeah I’m not sure. I didn’t think you could push another player either but I don’t know. If he stepped back it was perfect timing on his part from when I walked towards him. He did say that he was balanced on the edge of the ice block so our thought was that was why I was able to “push” him but we didn’t try to test out that theory. Maybe I need to get him to come up there again and test it out for science.

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Oh, no way :thinking: … how did you die on my slide? I tested it many times.
But im build this slide a lot time ago, and maybe impact damage was rised, don’t know. Any way, when im finished this slide, i’ll noticed that you may take some damage on corners but not allways, like less then 50 hp or so.
Is it was a death from an impact to the corner? :face_with_monocle:

There’s impact damage from hitting things with high sideways or upward momentum now too. Worse, kinetic damage is now based on %max hp, so no matter how much hp you have, you can die pretty darn fast.

He probably hit the sides too hard and/or launched out of the slide ( I’ve done that even before the last few patches) and hit the ground fatally.

Has always been, we just all had the same hp before.

I’m absolutely certain I could fall a whole lot further before than I can now.

Perhaps it was %maxHP based, but the numbers must have been a lot lower before.