Must See Goo Store


Swing by ENJOY store in Divinity. Best goo store I have seen. Only goo store at that matter. Great prices and shop design. You can find a portal to their store at PS Biitula, Hunt Hive, Legendville, DSK. Just about anywhere. GOGOGOGO!


That floor messes with my head, but I love that volcano on the corner… :thinking:


Oh yeah that does look very cool! And thx for the tip Orrian :slight_smile:


Very nice! I’ll be stopping by tomorrow for sure


Chuuuuuuuuuuu 249c?! No wonder my stand empties so fast…
To be fair, I don’t have quite the selection of colors, but my price is 240c less :laughing:


Is:Light Tan also available?


I’ve 66 different flavours of goo on sale outside Ultima lamblis gate if anyone’s in the market


Is this your Shop with goo? Do you have coordinates for your Location?


Go to the Hive or PS biitula. “Enjoy” is the name of shop.


You have done a GREAT JOB on that shop!!! Keep up the awesome work! You never cease to amaze me!

By chance, do you have request baskets for any goos that you haven’t collected yet?


Store belongs to Baalmolock & Litty the fine people of the town there. :slight_smile:

1032N,-485E, Alt 55


Thx for the coordinates ,i ll visit them


They have done a GREAT JOB on that shop!

Thank you for the coordinates!! I’ll definitely be running over there!!


We do not have any more but we refill regularly.