My Boundless video got a copyright claim for the music

so it looks like ive been hit by a copyright claim on my Permadeath stream yesterday

Hi The Sanguine Raven,

A copyright owner using Content ID has claimed some material in your video.

As a result, your video has been blocked, and can no longer be played on YouTube.

This is not a copyright strike. This claim does not affect your account status.

Video title: BOUNDLESS Permadeath (Co-Op) - Frostbird & Jirel try to survive - Episode 01
Copyrighted content: Orange Sky (From “Boundless” Soundtrack)
Claimed by: UMG

I thought were allowed to use the in game music as the Devs and the creator of the music have given permission is there anything i can do to get my video back up.

Here is a link to the video if that helps

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