My color storage build, a journey

I began by finding the perfect spot…

Yup, I think this is it.

A friend has joined me for the excavating. :smiley: I had to build him a special room, because he is mostly afk, apparently jobs are a priority.

Back to the excavation…

To be continued…


we will watch your career with great interest


Part 2

I met a hopper today, thought he wanted to be my friend…

…alas, it was not meant to be.

I toiled for many days and nights, just as I started to wonder if I would ever see the peaks, valleys and sunshine of my home, the digging was done. My friend had long since abandoned me, but not before he left me some surprise decorations of his own.

With the rock out of the way, I began to build the actual units. I think I really like them.

For now, I must recover the strength of my body and mind. Perhaps wildstock watching is how I will finish my day.

To be continued…


Realy like your post. Now i have a boundless story to folow. Can’t wait to see the youtube version :slight_smile:


Looks good so far…my only suggestion is more chests.

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Hi :blush: what colors are those from the wood floor?

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Screenshot 2022-04-22 061537

Screenshot 2022-04-22 072045


I love your journey, and I really love seeing how people think and plan and build their way across Boundless. Would love to see more journals like these from more people, it’s inspiring!


I’m gonna try to add some more to my Coffee House post, but had a lot of work lately. Soon™

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Yes, I would love that :slight_smile:

Part 3
Today’s story starts with an invasion of cuttlepunks. They decided to show up and not even offer to pitch in!! The nerve of some punks!!

It’s okay though, I made quick work of the slacking freeloaders.

After so much building the last little while, I found myself in need of a few items in order to be able to continue. In my travels I got to see so many lovely planets. Someday, I would like to meet the citizens who call these places home.

For now, I must return to the underground, as my project is not yet complete. There is more sand to dig, concrete to make and beauty to create.

To be continued…


Part 4

I continue to build but the progress is a little slower as I need to stop from time to time and focus on those things which make me coin. I find I am spending a little faster than it is coming in, perhaps I should look into expanding my services. I have almost finished the different shades of green, my least favorite of the color palette.

I met a very nice citizen (@DaOne82) who helped me with some of the rock I was missing. Perhaps I am too harsh on the color green, this mint is actually quite nice.

While waiting for some gleam chests and storage blocks to finish, I managed to clad the walls, ceiling (half of it anyway) and floors. This place is starting to look like something.

In the end, I hope that each color storage will look like this…

…which means, I need more exo’s with new colors and, perhaps, a gleambow event.

To be continued…


What is your process for finding the color?
I remember I wanted a specific color for a block, don’t remember what color or block but what I did, was to use the boundless info site, and found some sovereign planet with the color I wanted, than I tried to find that planet with no luck, so ended up with using something else.

Wonder how you or other people go about finding an exact color for a block and actually acquiring it.

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My process is this:

  1. Check to see if I already have the color.
  2. Check to see if the color is currently available and offered on a sov or homeworld.
  3. Find someone with the appropriate colour spray. In the case of items that can’t be sprayed I look for a shop.

But, if I can I make it on my own, sand and gravel can be made from rock so many of the colors are covered for the mosaics and concrete. I am struggling with a few of the gleam colors though. Many are very expensive and I need around 60 of each.


I have ran into this same exact issue. The gleam is the most difficult and I needed about 250 of each color for gleam chests, gleam accents and some gleam in the ceiling.

Like here:


I chose to do the gleam chests in white. I don’t really like how some of the colors look when made into chests (black for instance). I also chose to stay with oxide grey storage blocks for the uniformity.


That’s alot of red gleam how you manage that boop

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Yea the chests I somewhat regret as a choice due to the amount needed. But I like the overall look so far.

Many, many, many Gleambow hunts, inherited a bit and bought a few here and there.


I have tried to do gleambow hunts but I am so bad at grapples. I need to make a friend and have them do my gleambow augments.

Part 5

I spent a little time on a few exos. The weary teal meta was just too enticing for a marble maker. I made quite a few trips but, still, I know I didn’t get enough. The rift and blink were pretty nice too.

I needed to make more gleam chests so I have spent a lot of time moving items from my reclaim into their respective color spots. Thank goodness for the color sort and search function. I think I would have given up by now if not for that. Apparently this is what happens when you’re a hoarder and just toss everything into a reclaim.

Oh, I also hired a new security company to guard my storage, I have a lot of valuables out in the open now. I’ll be honest, I have my reservations but the guy at the agency said they could handle it. I suppose we will see.

For now, I will return to the endless back and forth of emptying my reclaim.

To be continued…