My color storage build, a journey

Weary teal is my favorite. Is the marble in your shop now? :slight_smile:


It is not xD I have been moving stuff. I will get some started now though!!


I don’t want to interrupt your color journey! I use it a lot so I’ll always be in the market, no rush. Thank you! :heart:


Something has to fund the journey, right? xD



Also, Daone is dope


Part 6

Ran out of gleam chests, again, also ran out of white gleam. Luckily, I have huge spheres of it, I have just been lazy and never built a farm. Now, there is a farm and I feel like I accomplished something. :smiley: I even opened a portal through TNT’s Gleam Farm Hub.

-Disclaimer: Color is subject to change upon my whims.-

I also continued moving items from my reclaim into their respective storages. On that note, who needs 28k silk teal grass? I must have lost my mind.

Screenshot 2022-05-15 090409

I really need to try and control my “I wonder how this will look” thoughts. They lead no where nice. I am almost halfway through and I successfully doubled the amount of chiseling needed in each unit but, the second option looks so much cleaner. So, I had to go back through all of the units I thought I had finished and do said chiseling. Worth it? Ask me when I have finished. xD

To be continued…


Wow you’re better at digging tunnels than Elon musk ever was! :joy: Keep up the awesome work!


What’s your top-down layout like? Because if you have a central shaft (:smirk:) then you could ovis elevator from all floors, and have safe drops, too. :slight_smile:

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I went entirely horizontal to avoid the limits. You can feel free to visit, it’s through TNT to the sov portals, Eriste, and then straight ahead are some portals, take the storage one.


Part 7

I finally managed to make a large dent in the gleam chests needed. I think I will only need another ss, maybe two. Yes, I know I could count them and know for sure but uncertainty is fun!!

I also managed to put out a few new brick colors and some weary teal marble.

Here it is the dark grey sedi that is new. I must say, I quite like it. If it doesn’t sell too quickly I might set it aside for myself. :smiley:

Cool and weary teal, also very nice colors.

And, the weary teal marble.

Marble and bricks (especially bricks) are a ton of work for so little profit, make sure you appreciate your brick supplier.

I guess I didn’t really get much else accomplished. Did a ton of mining for meta’s that I am out of and digging of the dirt, mud and ash for the bricks. Oh, and I opened a can of worms for @HOST who is now a forger but remains in denial.

I guess this has turned into more of a journal about a little bit of everything instead of just my storage build. I will continue to post and update as long as people still seem interested.

To be continued…


I absolutely love this thread


I wish I did a journey like this when I was building my first color storage, this is entertaining to see!


Your shop is on your sov, Eriste? Need to come relieve you of some of that weary teal marble :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry, my shop is actually at DK Mall but there is a portal from my sov.

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Part 8

I was actually quite busy today, though I feel like I didn’t really accomplish much. It was one of those days where I said “Okay today I need to make this.” But I was out of that which I need to make this. So I went to get that and realized my thingamabobs were all gone and I couldn’t make that without the thingamabobs. So…I had to spend some time farming.

On the upside I farmed…

Screenshot 2022-05-22 104954

…96k clay, so I could make some bricks for an order. On the downside…

…96k clay makes13.5k compact clay. BUT farming so much clay made me add a few machines.

So, I went from 8 compactors to 18. Yes, I need that many even if they just sit there looking really red most of the time. I used all 18 to compact that 96k clay today!! Which makes me feel even worse about that “13.5k compact clay,” since all 18 machines were running 30 queues each.

But I also added some oxide yellow meta brick to Basically Bricks, since I was making them in bulk for an order anyway. I also topped off the Stale Cerulean and added some more to the Cool and Weary Teals.

I also managed to refill the Ashen Grey, Ashen Berry, and Dark Mustard marbles at Mostly Marble. So, I guess I did actually accomplish a fair bit today. Just, a lot of running around finding what I need. I think I also decided, today, to open a new shop.

I have all this gleam laying around and I have new gleam spheres every month, seems like they should be working for me instead of just taking up space. Since all my shops have alliteration (Mostly Marble, Basically Bricks, Simply Sand), I now just need to find a word that goes with Gleam. Oh, and make the product. Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. As if I don’t have enough to do already, but are you really a Boundless player if you don’t have 63546032456 active and unfinished projects?

To be continued…




Generally Gleam

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Part 9

I haven’t really been accomplishing much recently. I got a new job that is very physically demanding and I am just so tired all of the time. However, I have done a few random things. For instance, while running through the TNT hub I met…

…a Foxxy (@Foxx449) !! She seemed pretty nice but I was, honestly, a little disappointed. What kind of fox has no tail!!! No tail AT ALL. But then we went hunting and after hunting she showed me a nice meta spot on an exo and I guess I set aside my disappointment. While hunting I met one of her friends…

@Cbxev!! They must be a God of some sort, they live in a place called Olympus, which we all know, is the home of the Gods of another land.

Perhaps these Gods will not abandon us as our Gods have done. Their home sure looks like they plan on staying for a while. AND, I made two new friends.

On a side note, my security company has stopped patrolling my storage, there are many more than I remember and it looks like they might be organizing for something. Some of them are even armed!!

I am unsure of their intent, but perhaps they have been having trouble and are just being extra cautious. I tried to speak to the security agency but they have not returned my calls yet.

To be continued…


love parade me thinks

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Been lurking on this post for a while.
Got to say I am loving this journey :sparkling_heart:

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