My first forge

it isn’t great, but I did some bits right, so happy with it.

Hope the picture loads up

Forgot to write down what I put in and I messed up in the order, did three of the number three boons and then realized and put in the Special gum. Can’t remember if I put in just a number 1 boon but got a glow on the first one. I do know that I used longevity, effect and some more boons, which one depending on how close it was to the top. Ended up with low blow, auto harvest and the glow.

Not happy with the negative in the forge effect, but for first time, it is okay, not great, but okay.

Wanted to add, he is maxed in all the areas for centraforging and I have 15 coils. Will add more later to get it to at least 20.


You did a pretty good job for getting the all affect. The negative simply just comes from the all-affect effect. Most people mitigate that with adding extra damage onto it.

That will still definitely speed up mining time without a doubt!


Congrats! :slight_smile: I really need to learn to do this too, I’d be close to totally self-sufficient if I did.


Very nice!

How does it feel finally getting through that process? I know it seemed very daunting for you initially. You did quite well! As you do this more you will grow comfortable and start trying to change your forge deck and excitement with more possibilities! It’s a fun mini game as long as you have mats, haha

Next one will be on a gold fist, want to see if I can get it to hit harder and go longer distance, I think and then for the bonus have auto harvest.

What surprised me with the hammer was that it had the glow one, I thought you had to use the glow gum, but I didn’t make that. Don’t plan on doing so really. I prefer the light that I have in my skills, don’t have to go lay down a torch and be in the dark for a bit, have to switch from a tool or weapon to get a light to lose the light to get a tool or weapon.

I also probably stopped too early, wasn’t sure how many times to use the boons and wasn’t sure if I needed to add more of the gums, so just decided to quit and see what I got.

Nervous as a cat with a pack of dogs surrounding it when I started! LOL. I just decided to get over it, take a jump and see what happened. Had planned on using one of the iron tools, but thought, go with the titanium, that is what I use when I am on level 4 planets and so see if I can get anything good.

I’m happy with it, wasn’t sure but feedback has let me know it came out okay.


It’s your first time! Now you get to practice and play with it some more. You could do the exact same process and get better or worse results.

Just know that. As long as you know there’s always going to be a bit of luck in forging, even if you are proficient, you will always be happy with your results.

yep, realized from others that I won’t get the same results each time, luck of the spin in this case. But that is part of the fun, not knowing what will come out.

Knowing that I can deconstruct it all, even if I lose some of the ingredients helps when you know it is going to be a total loss. I knew it wasn’t going to be a loss nor a great forge, just not sure if okay or just barely passing.

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You have a chance to get any boon. The percentage changes based on how many and what types of gums you use.

Once you have the boons set, adding more gums will raise the chance of more boon points being allocated to that type of gum.

Getting the all affect adjacent is typically the harder part for most people.

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Great job! I think half the battle with forging is to not read all the negative posts and just start forging.