My First Home <3

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so now, how did you get the buckets? cuz ya know beacons prevent ya from taking things from shelves


You thieving b… TEACH ME!!!

Pools > Dev Punishment :smile:


i just want water to correct my house


I suspect a certain YouTuber has somehow gained the favor of one or more of the dev gods! :bow: :tongue:


Being s favourite of the gods would definitely help


First you steal water from our beloved developers, next you drown a wild animal in your pool to celebrate…


well, partially drown. he did stike it in the head with a fast iron projectile to kill it. a sacrifice to the gods to appease them for the gift.


:astonished: Are they reusable? If so I will give you 10,000c for one. I don’t mind that it’s hot.
Must have water bucket!
That’s just my starting bid :smile_cat:


i don’t think they are reusable. one time placment. i’d love those too, makes it easier to do my house. cuz once a water block is messed up… it stays messed up:/


I truly need some water buckets. Try putting some steps up to your diving board. Go job Steggs :smiley:


What @Dr8cK0 said; your diving board could use some steps. Health and safety @Steggs101, you’ve already had one drowning incident.


Hehe, so of course that was just a bit of fun. I had dev help to get the blocks! :smiley: