My First impressions


I really wanted him to give you random game trivia everytime you returned to the Sanctum.


private worlds in private server with your own rules, can be hosted by whomever you want and will not connect to official game server - wich is good if you want to let your children to play in theyr private world, or if you want to play just with you friends etc…

rented worlds are connected to the official game

private worlds differs from rented worlds

difference between property and possession is that you may have the property but not the possession of a world, for example when you own a home but you rent it to someonelse, the home is still your, but you have sold the use (possession) of it

in any case is something not yet implemented and neither has been completely defined, unless devs gives a clearer idea, wich is not an urgency right now to have it completely defined (my opinion)


I am just trying to decipher where your problems are. The tutorial ends when you complete your first objective after building your beacon. After that you are doing objectives and feats which are optional and should give you a bit of loose direction if you don’t know what to do, as this is a player and community driven MMO sandbox.

The skills are being reworked so the issues with not being able to use the machine if you can craft it should be resolved in future and the issue about fuel types should already be mentioned in the task description and contextual tips on the left of the screen. We intentionally don’t say or force you to use coal in the objective for that very reason.

There isn’t an objective about compacting fuel because that is up to the players to discover. We don’t have an objective for making every block in the game as that would end up being 100s if not 1000s. We can add it but where do we draw the line? Perhaps this is a where the tips could be use to better effect?

For compacted coal, there is a sensible progression in there. You use basic coal to generate spark to allow you to make compacted coal which is then used for better spark generation.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a nothing is going to change, of course not! We have new feats and objectives on the way for all the new features we’ve added but haven’t been able to tutorialise (new word), like engines, atlases, the upcoming forge and all the others I’ve missed. We need feedback like this to make sure we are explaining the game as best as we can with the tools we have and if we have missed anything it is useful to know why you think it should be a tutorial.


Do it!
Make it so!


"Yahbo! Welcome to Oortfacts! Did you know: Most people believe that eating the contents of a bowl of soup is all the nutrition they need- but not so for an Oortian! We consume the bowl for fiber, and the fork as a dense source of iron! That’s how we get the nutrients we need for shattering meter thick stone with nothing more than a wooden stick!

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Also, oortians are the only known species who regularly eat soup with a fork!


Wow! Subscribed


“Compact Coal is the best form of fuel for the furnace. But did you know you can also use Compact Peat? You can even put it in the spark core to create spark!”


This is good. Very good. Where can I buy you so I can keep you and prod you with a stick every time I want a fact?


"Yahbo! Thanks for subscribing to Oortfacts! To unsubscribe, text “Stop”.
Did you know: The typical Oortian spends as much as half of their day hanging from their grapple hooks doing nothing. Any other creature would dislocate their shoulders after just a few hours, but not an Oortian!

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i posted earlyer on as a sugestion but then for the startup menu before sanctum
but this idea is way better


It is the go to for other games with loading screens. Boundless on the other hand has no loading!!! :smiley:


did ya know a oort fork only has 2spikes as most fruits have tiny nut in the middle :grin:


Maybe a congrats text on screen when you finish the tutorial, and a short text with tips to continue.


No. Currently there are four servers. Each server has three planets on it. Think of a planet as a sub program within the program called Boundless. Programs are on a computer and when that computer serves several people who are remote it gets called a server.

Currently there is the:

Australian server with planets Alturnik, Andoweem and Vena V.

EU Central server with planets Munteen VII, Septerfon and Therka

US East server with planets Epsilo, Solum and Vulpto

US West server with planets Berlyn, Elopor and Nasharil

I hope that helps you @willcrutchley and anyone else confused. If I remember right you can always find this info on like if you look to see what gems or main resources there are on each planet. Been a long time since I was on that awesome site. I never told him but @Stretchious is totally awesome making things like that! :star_struck:


For some reason I thought that they were physically different servers, but you are right, planets in the same region have the same ip :slight_smile:


Same IP doesn’t mean same server. See Round-robin DNS and Reverse Proxies.