My goodbye boundless


with the release of the new prestige system and the massive XP nerf im fully out now i will keep my eye on the game and see if things start to “level out” and i can safely play the game without massive changes

im unsure how much detail i can go into without getting the thread locked and hidden

but the bulk of it is what i put in my steam review a early access game pretending to be a full release the game has been out for just over 7 months now and all we have gotten is guilds and exo worlds tossed in with massive core gameplay changes that keep moveing the goal post when it comes to leveling and earning the cubits we need to play the currenty only real aspect of the game

and yes in the past i have called the crafting table thing a exploit but i was hoping to see it replaced with a comparable legit way the boosts i saw seemed more tailored to high level players with new players and alts left in the cold


Sad to see you go. Unfortunately to keep running the game needs to generate money. Dont see how they could have done that without more people needing to buy cubits.

I suppose some quality of life addons above GC could have had the same effect, but for the good of the game long term it was needed.

I do totally agree that the game feels like an early access game, similar to how ARK was and can see there being a “proper” v2 launch in the future. Or a huge paid expansion lol


The way I see it, games take time to develop. That may seem like an obvious statement but they do and people always seem to forget that these things take years. Also, sometimes you need to take advantage of certain opportunities like offers from publishing companies. Square Enix is kind of big last I checked, so if you get that kind of opportunity you jump on it even if you are only partially ready for it.

That being said, if you are frustrated with the process than take a break. We will see how the changes from this patch take shape over time. However, that’s just it. It’s about the long term plan and not what each patch does individually.

People get upset because it’s not the exact game that THEY want; yet, they forget this game isn’t about them. It’s about the long term life of the game and everyone as a whole. The devs don’t even have to talk with us. They could literally just make a game in quiet. It might not be as successful or maybe it would be more successful. We like to think we know it all, but when everyone wants something different, some people are going to get butt hurt.

At the end of the day, we are merely a bunch of baby birds looking for a worm from mommy, but mommy only has so many worms to go around and our nest is much larger than a regular nest.


i 100% get that i buy games in early access all the time when i see the potential with a good price tag (ARK,the forest 7 days to die) but the thing i noticed with them when i compare it to boundless is they where good at multitasking each month there was a major update it was not 2 or 3 months of bug fix’s then a content drop then back to 2-3 month of bug fix’s


Your argument in how it’s justified doesn’t hold up. If they wanted to make money they would have made different decisions instead. They didn’t.

Personally I think when it comes to making a game, the developers have the experience. Running a business is completely different than making a product.


Loadkill, sorry to see you stepping away from the game. I know we both have our different reasons for not playing… hopefully things get better.


Keep in mind Ark is run by a company with 60 employees at the moment. They have the resources to be able to multitask. Wonderstruck is much smaller, so it’s going to have a slower development just by sheer numbers of resources available to them in comparison.

Every game is going to have a different development time and comparing games purely based on development time is not going to provide a very consistent conclusion; nor a very realistic idea on what to expect.

So being completely honest, if this is what you are basing this on, well you are going to be disappointed as they physically cannot do what you want them to do.


I just want to go ahead and say that James explicitly stated that none of the changes in the last patch were designed to generate more revenue for Wonderstruck. They aren’t being greedy by making these changes


I hate seeing people leaving. Hopefully you’ll come back.


They could make the game appeal to more new people who would buy the game.


And I certainly would encourage them to consider making moves that will make it easier to level up and make the game be more fun.

This is their learning process. They are a young company by all means and things like that will take time. They’ve certainly made some moves that have made my question things myself, but some of those things have actually been addressed which gives me hope for other issues I have.


and this is kind of why i posted the boundless 76 meme in another thread talking about the bugs in the game i think the devs have bit off way more then they can chew here makeing a sp game is a challenge in its self let alone a 100% player driven MMO


Coming from Wurm Online, I actually don’t see this as an issue at all. Wurm Online was started by 2 people (Notch was one of them before he made Minecraft believe it or not). That game has seen a ton of mistakes made and the slowest delivery time for even basic bug fixes in possibly the history of online games. lol Wurn Online has literally been around for 15 years, all underground mind you, but still, it’s still exists despite a ton of questionable development moves.

Yet, the game is STILL around with enough people playing to keep a good economy going. You don’t need a large community base, you just need the right tools implemented. :wink:

For the record, Boundless is miles ahead of Wurm Online already in that regard in my opinion. If you are coming from AAA titles or extremely successful games on the market and then coming to Boundless, I could see where you are coming from. However, I think you are underestimating here the power of what a close community brings.


This is how I more or less have felt as well. When I bought it back in September/october (whenever ps4 release was) I did not due my due diligence and bought it on a whim after watching the PS4 trailer. I thought it was a finished/polished game. Turns out it wasn’t, and it was definitely an EA style game.

Then I discovered the forums and educated myself and learned where the game was really at. I was quite disappointed to say the least. I thought I was sold a lemon, still do as far as the initial purchase is concerned. I later ended up buying 2 more accounts across PC and other PS4 after I knew more about the game and had a few off and on runs. My kids occasionally play still but when i ask them if they want to muck around a bit they act like it’s torture. They’ll humor me and play every so often and we will do some goofy/stupid stuff.

All that said, I’ve just chalked the game and expectations up to what I expect a small indie group to be able to achieve/perform. It does me better to just take a 2 month break off and on, checking in periodically to make sure a beacon didn’t get missed during a refuel session (those tier 3 fuels are heaven).

Long story short, I understand where you’re at and hopefully you’ll just take a month or two break and they’ll have a new content update cranked out by then. My last ‘big’ break was december-february(i missed the whole gleambow and seasonal stuff but I dont feel like I missed anything at the same time). Came back for a week or two and then quit again until the beginning of this month. For whatever reason though these last few weeks I’ve found myself logging in a bit more and enjoying whatever it was I am doing. Game still has a long long way to go, and right now taking breaks every few months seems to do the trick for me. Luckily for Boundless, I guess you could look at it that way, there just aren’t any other games out there right now that I really want/care to play.


I wish you well. Hope you find some fun games out there. Hopefully something will come out in boundless soon that will bring you back. Until then take care.


Sad to see yet another player go. Loadkill, I hope that one day the game grows to offer more of what you want out of it and you make a return. I sincerely mean that.

I just want to emphasize though that Wonderstruck are a small ‘Indie’ development team. Often, a lot of people look at an indie title and expect to get AAA results and quality. Unfortunately, indie companies don’t have the workforce or the budgets of large AAA companies like EA, Ubisoft etc. and therefore, some bugs, glitches and even balance issues are going to exist. We should expect issues such as these considering the points I made above. Very few Indie games release as polished as AAA titles and it can take time working with the community to get it right. There’ll be stumbling blocks along the way but the aim is to strike that balance. It’ll come to Boundless. It’ll just take time.

By the way, I’m not entirely directing what I said above at you, Loadkill. I’m just putting it out there for ‘Everyone’ to keep in mind going forward.

I wish you all the best, Loadkill and I hope you come back one day. :slight_smile:

PS: Can I have your stuff? :sweat_smile: (onlykidding! Take care!)


yea and that could be a big factor for me too in the opposite direction i have been really playing alot of overwatch lately playing at the compettive level and watching the league games and the money i was paying boundless for GC is now going to bilz for a WoW sub so maybe if and when i burn my self out on 1 or both of those games i could start playing boundless again


Yeah, I certainly need breaks myself from any game. I’d go crazy if I just played Boundless (especially when I have big plans that I can’t actually do in the game yet).