My health and the future of Nova Golda Market

Hi there, some might already know this, others might already noticed that something is up but not sure what. I told myself I was never going to post about my health again due to some idjits somehow not believing it but back then I didn’t expect the news I’ve recently gotten.

There are 3 new tumours and they can’t cure it. All they can do is slow it down, they have no idea how well that is going to work so they can’t give me a timeline. Could be 3 months, 3 weeks or 3 years. Right now the first 2 options seem silly since yes there’s pain blabla, but it’s not like I feel I will be dropping dead any minute but since one of the tumours is growing rather fast AND since last year’s radiation treatment didn’t do much it could progress fast so for myself I keep thinking 3 months to 3 years…

This is why my shops haven’t been restocked so often lately and why I have put up some signs.

Anyway, the future of Nova Golda and the market. The market will be around for as long as the game exists, TNT is going to take care of it, also of Coin Converters and the surrounding area of Nova Golda. James already knows to transfer the beacons when ehh the time comes to do so.

I will make the town a bit smaller before that happens, hopefully I can move my workshop to a rental planet soon’ish and do my thing mostly there. NG will stay on Trung of course as I had already originally planned anyway.

Am hoping I will be around for as long as possible tho!


We love you Aenea!


Sorry to hear the news. I hope the best for you.


I’m sorry to hear @AeneaGames sending all my love and prayers your way… Stay strong and positive :hugs:


Take care of yourself! Hoping for the best possible outcome. So glad that nova golda will always be around! I love all your shops!


Sad to hear the news :frowning:


Sending you strength and positivity, to add the the strength and positivity you already demonstrate.:fist:


I wish I could dislike it because I dont like it that your not able to grow as old like you should do. We have contact and it stays that way I will support you when needed you can always talk to me, stay strong, hope for the best and you have a nice boundless community to keep your bad thoughts away.


You’ve got all my thoughts and positive vibes coming your way, my friend… big hugs, we are here for ya, and I will always do whatever I can to help you!! :hugs:


I was wondering what was up when I saw the signs. Take care of yourself, I hope you aren’t in too much pain.


Very sad to hear, I really hope its 3+ years. :sob:


You are very strong for sharing with the community.

As always Aenea anything you need you name it. A bad joke, a ton of forge work a reading eye to listen to your worries, a shoulder to cry on, and a virtual hug for comfort.

All the energy I have to spare is yours and I hope you can be with us for a long while to come. Never give up hope.



My thoughts are with you @AeneaGames.


I’m really sorry to hear that, sending a Boundless /salute your way! :boundless::fist:


Never give up! what 3 months what 3 years! You will have entire decades ahead of you! Im rooting for you with all my might. Be positive!! You have lots of friends here all that support for you we all love you Aenea! Dont you dare give up! :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry to hear that news. :frowning: Don’t give up the fight!


Wow,… don’t really know how to type it in English so…

Wens je veel sterkte toe, in ieder geval dat je niet teveel last er van hebt/gaat hebben. En dat je zelfs die doctors een poepje laat ruiken. En heel ver over de gemarkeerde tijd heen gaat.
In ieder geval heel veel sterkte toe gewenst :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Boundless has been made better because of you. I dont know you, but i do wish you the best, and a big thank you for all you have done!

God bless.


I wish for you to have many more years and all the happiness possible in them.


My most sincere best wishes for you. You will be missed here. You are a Boundless icon.