My new land and weapons over there

Well this are screenshots from my new home in oort :smiley:
I love making weapons, and because of that i will make my new home “the lake of swords”
(Not everything will be swords XD)

Well the screens, i will edit/update/write more posts with new screens :smiley:

Currently we have two weapons, a floating sword/dagger
And a skull fist weapon (A big skull with a handle XD)
I hope this last one can manage to get in to the game as cheap fist weapon :smiley:


And some lore:

Time ago, a war bettew the creatures we know as titans left this lika, and the weapons wich the titans used…
The lake took a new name when a explorer found it, and the name was “Pool of Doom”.
When our explorer saw that weapons, and that tiny floating fortress, he knowed that the titans where the ones who do this in one war bettew themselves.


Erm i’m at Gortnen on the big lake, please don’t grief.

I will make weapons when i have the time :smiley: go and see them by yourself, and be free on ading you owns wiouth removing anyting :smiley:

Can you give us some in daylight?

You can (currently) adjust your own daylight with ctrl + 1-0

Sorry XD i will take more images other days ok? :smiley: i’m pretty bussy now :smiley:

New images added

OMG. how did i not know this.
i now love you more than anything…
besides the “i for creative” anything else i should know for now? LOL

I really like the sword that sticks out of the bottom of the sea, looks epic :smile:

yes its cool :smiley:

he knew* not knowed btw :slight_smile: cool creations though