My newest build. Mostly done

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My newest build I have been working on. It’s almost finished, but there’s still some stuff I don’t like that I may change. I thought I’d share…

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Too much transformers?


It’s funny. As soon as i first looked at the pics above, I started looking for Transformers Pixel Art online with an aim of possibly creating something in game. Now I feel violated because I’ve just been subliminally manipulated! :rofl:


Not trying to be repetitive since so many others have said this but yes I thought Transformers 2 when I first saw that. I was like I wonder what that one turns into lots of laughs. Love the colors though. It looks really sharp I like it


Oh god. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t actually know the connection between this and transformers. I don’t watch many movies. I saw the first transformers movie but I don’t think I watched the others. If I did, I don’t remember anything that looked like this. However it makes me want to watch it now just so I can seee that.


More like the transformers cartoon than movies. The skull spot is very autobots/decepticons logo ish. Awesome build either way.