My Quality of Life suggestions


I’ve been playing the game for over a year now, and it is already one of my favorite games of all time. That being said, here are my suggestions that would really improve gameplay in my opinion.

(sorry for the strange formatting, typed it from my phone)

  1. Storage blocks that toggle an option to stack by color or type
    Example: only dark mustard refined wood will stack
    Example: only bitter beans will stack (not spicy and sweet)
  2. Spanners heal all machines/coils that are connected together
    Similar to the way spark generators do
  3. Sellable beacons/plots
    Also make it so you can offer to buy those “pesky” beacons around you.
    The offer would show up in a message, and on the beacon itself.
    Clicking accept would transfer ownership if the buyer has enough open plots
  4. Placeable maps/enhanced mapping
    Being able to post a map of town at your town center would be very helpful
  5. Adding PS4 second screen capabilities for atlas
  6. One block chisel triangles
    Example: you’re making a roof and the spire meets at one block, we’re missing this
    small triangle shape.
  7. Shop stands that change visually when they’ve made a sale
    So you don’t have to walk over every stand to see if you’ve sold something
  8. Shop stands that have integrated signs with pricing
  9. Typing icon above player’s head
    Example: a bubble symbol appears above your head when you’re typing
    This way people know if you’re responding instead of standing there awkwardly
    Especially helpful for those of us on ps4 that don’t always have a keyboard connected
  10. Spot lighting
  11. Plantable trees


I like all of these. My newest thought on quality of life is make run the default swim speed. I see no reason to want to swim at a completely dead pace. Sometimes it’s hard to tell you accidentally toggle it off. Would love for default swim speed to be maximum.


I agree with all of these!!

#6 is a pretty lofty request tho heh… but I would also LOVE to have more shapes to work with as well.