My reclaiming experience

Why would it be a bad thing?

Why do you think that? Because reclaim now does it and it’s not everywhere else you automatically assume it won’t ever be implemented for other storage options?

Has it? By whom? And how? Where?

You sound a little pessimistic, we have no way of knowing what will happen. They probably just implemented it here first, reclaim was a new feature, best to include it right away in there then to add it later on when sorting can be done everywhere.

I don’t even know what you’re asking for here.

What is auto sort?

Something that reorders your characters inventory?


It’s a bad thing because it means that the code is there, but for some reason it’s not been put into the game’s main inventories.

If has been possible to do, but the choice has been made not to do it, why would that now change?

By the fact there is no inventory sorting, and we can now see its possible to do.

My issue, mostly, is with the fact it has not been included in the game up to now.

Well, yes!

An option to auto sort player and storage inventory.

It has been brought up many times in these forums, I can’t be bothered to trail through it all. I have never seen a direct response to any request/suggestion from a dev though.

Sorting items when you are shift clicking them from inventory to storage. Sorting by matching with stacks that are already in storage that are one item/color sorted. So if I have 3 colors of sedi stone, and I put a stack or even a piece of each in separate storage slots, if I shift click smart stack from inventory that has all those three colors, they should sort in storage with matching color.

At least that’s my idea of how it would work, probably everyone has their own version :joy:

Here some ideas:

  1. Group things by color or exact same type.
    Lets say I have multiple ss of twisted trunks but like 10 different colors. I want to group them in different ss from the same color only.
    Another case, I have multiple ss of different types of trunk. I want to group them in different ss from the same trunks.

  2. Sorting blocks by color number.
    I had to manually check, split and sort every single color from my gleambow gleam collection, It would have been nice to be able to split or sort all the ss by they color number.

I think those can cover pretty much any other scenario since we could make use of them in order, like first split in same type groups, then split those in colors and then sort them.


The problem I can see with all this is the space, If we want to split groups of things they may not fit inside their actual inventory, but that can probably be solved?

Edit 2.

Ok maybe not put this as an option inside inventories, but make a sorting machine? It could queue up the things we put inside and if it runs out of space it just stops as all the other machines.

Smart stacks are great for grouping, but they don’t order things.

For me sorting is grouping plus ordering!

If I had 100 different colours of gleam, smart stack group them together by colour, but sorting would also order them by colour name (my preference, but option to choose how to order would be nice).

If I had 20 colours of rock, 20 of trunks, 20 of gleam, etc. Sorting would group each type and order by colour name within the smart stack.

Maybe you could have the option to group by colour and order by type as well eg all my bright blue items go in one smart stack and then the smart stack is ordered by type (gleam, rock, trunk, etc)

But they only just now implemented it. Reclaim is a completely new thing, so they could easily add it right away. Adding it to the other storage types takes more time.

I am assuming they will do this in the future, or at least want to do so.

But it also has been possible to add many more things to the game which they haven’t done yet?

That’s not confirmation that they will never add it to the rest of the game tho

Oh that I get. But with coding such a thing it then has to be added on top of the other storages, probably they then also want an user interface with how you want it to sort items, all things that were not yet needed for reclaim, to add the sorting to the other storage solutions would take more time.

I’m not saying I can be 100% sure they will add it but to draw conclusions that they never will because reclaim now has it is also based on not knowing what the devs are thinking and/or doing…

I soooooo wish the devs would finally provide us with information on what they are planning. I know the drawbacks of doing so, but it can’t be worse than how it is now…

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I just find it frustrating that it has never been addressed and then it pops up in an unexpected place.

I also find it slightly odd that the question ‘what is auto sorting?’ has been asked by a dev!

Maybe it was supposed to be ‘what is auto sorting to you?’, but I am reluctant to put words in people’s mouths.

Reclaim storage right now does not stack multiple colours of gleam together, it does them in separate stacks. Same for rocks and any other blocks. It also seems to sort them by colour.

It would be lovely if there was a way some day to sort our regular storage blocks/chests in the same way. I add a stack of gleam to it but there’s already another stack of a different colour? Then do not smart stack, etc.

I also would love a system already where we can designate empty spots for certain item types, like fossils, so I can have 3 different spots where they should go, not all automatically in the same stack.

A better way would be that if you turn a switch on, on the storage, that the game does it automatically, so you do not need to designate certain spots for certain items, but if you have 100 of each of the 3 fossil sizes and add 1000 of the medium fossils then you would have 4 stacks in there, but since auto sorting is on the first stack is the 100 small fossils, then 1 stack of 900 medium fossils, then 200 medium, then 4th spot has 100 large fossils.

Auto sorting…

Problem is, there are so many items and with different colours that we spend oodles of time manually sorting them, we would love a system to make that easier.

Well, thinking more about it the problem is that how should it behave? Like I just described above? It must have a switch since I also would like to smart stack different rocks if I don’t have much space. So something needs to be added to the UI.

Then the question indeed is, how do you want it to sort items? And is that the same for everyone else? Probably not. Which is kinda the problem I think…

It would be neat if we could add our own logic rules for sorting some day…

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Anything would be better than nothing, even if it is not exactly how I want it.

Ffxiv has the option to turn sorting on or off. Granted it doesn’t have the added complexity of smart stacks, but I would think a sort toggle would be the least of the problems.

you serious you in creative mode our something lol
just listnen to @AeneaGames

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James needs sleep!

he could go to bed sooner if he had auto sort



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Ohhh, Autosorting in order of Item Color would be soooo awesome.
No more wasted hours and hours to sort blocks by color, just to mess it up again, because you Shift droped them into the wrong Storage :joy:

Pretty sure it’s exactly like that unfortunately

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People want to whack a chest with a forged spanner and have it auto sort everything using the same mechanic that is in reclaim.


No no no. Let’s avoid the forge on this pls. I rather have a machine that sorts stuff.