My shop is up and running!


Serious shop, finally getting it all worked out.
Have been setting up a shop in the G Mall. Called The Making of Greatness, selling the items to make food for those who can’t or don’t like the gathering part and some made food. Will try to focus more on the needed items, but will make some food.
Got my advanced coils for my mixer, so now can make a better variety of food and got the refined topaz to make coils and will be getting diamonds and rubies to make the coils and later the rest of the coils or gems to make my coils.
I am trying to keep my prices low, looked at what others are selling for and did my best to match the lowest prices, some I think were too low, several were way too much.
Going to have some specials occasionally, but not announce them, want customers to get them, not shop owners who will get them and then sell them at a higher price.
Feed back on how it looks will be appreciated and anything to make it better.
My son is setting up his shop next door, he will have tools, weapons and other items to add later on.
Check it out and give me your opinion.
Should have clarified that the opinion is on my shop, not my son’s, LOL