My Supplies and Home

I forgot to renew my home and someone else took it.
A player named Elphantitus or something close. I honestly just want to find them, take my stuff and leave. They can keep my home if they really want it.

After this im just not sure how much I want to play the game to be honest.

Sry that happened to u.

Sorry to hear you lost your home and supplies! Unfortunately beacons timing out is part of the game. If the player hadn’t taken the stuff in your beacon, the game would’ve regenerated and all of it would’ve been lost forever.

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If this other player has put a beacon in your home, there’s a chance that they did so to preserve it for you to return to. Try to see if you can contact them or possibly the guild they are in :slight_smile:

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I could help you with building materials, tools, and machines if the problem not will be resolved.

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I do not know how to contact players unless they are standing right infront of me.

Id love that. Maybe I should move to the planet that is all lava mostly. Because its the only planet I have resistanes for and has tech for me to get.
I dont know if its worth it. This game is too much time investment for me to enjoy it. And I play league so thats a hard statement to make.

In any case, let me know, we can quickly build a house together with everything needed)

Thank you. If I feel its necessary, ill message you on here I suppose and schedule a time.

Yes, feel free. We will restore all that you have lost

Can you get us the exact name of the player? Maybe we can tag them here on the forum.

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If you need anything or want to rebuild, the community here are always eager to help with coin or supplies!
If you need anything just ask, I’m sure we will rise to the occasion. Would be a shame to lose a player!

But as said before, they may have beaconed your place to save it for you! :crossed_fingers:

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