My tribute to Oortmas

What is there not to like about Oortmas
Well let me tell you so…

Its friendly we all know
In every town you go
With people sharing delight
In the new twinkle lights…

So it’s beginning to look like Oortmas
Everywhere I go
I’m seeing all the snow…
The critters have a glow
While we kill them in the…

So it’s beginning to sound alot like Oortmas
Friends are there I know…
Thank you again the devs
For making the special event…

So then we all want an Oortmas
Hats and scarves anew
For all that’s bringing you…
The dolls are back again
My lovely little friend…

So it’s beginning to look like Oortmas
I’m sure all new will like
So bring your friends tonight…
Cause it’s going to be a sight
When theres a huge snowball fight…
Cause it’s going to be the best in Boundless

Merry Christmas everyone in Boundless :christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::kissing_heart: Fiesty


Merry oortmas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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here, fixed that one for you :wink:
thanks for the rhymes, like it a lot :sunglasses:

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