My usual comments and suggestions every 3 months or so.. :p

Alright, let’s get on with it :smiley:

So it has been 3 month since I last played and I logged on over a month ago to check out the new changes and updates and I have to say that I am very, very impressed by the work by the devs. However, as always, I have some constructive comments and criticism that I thought I should give, so buckle up as this will be a long post.

Critical Issues:

  1. Connection problems: I have a very strong connection and although I do expect a drop in latency when I warp to AUS servers and so on, I still keep getting lags and stuttering that sometimes are very violent and frequent that make me close the game to not get frustrated. I understand it’s an Alpha* game, but I think we are at a point where some server tweaking should be better.

*Alpha: I said Alpha, the game is still labelled as Pre-Alpha…I think at this point we are at an Alpha stage :smiley:

  1. Stacking: I thought this bug would have been fixed already, but apparently it still exists. For mass mining, this can be frustrating when starting a new character as you have limited space to begin with, and having this bug takes up more space than what you actually need.

  2. Fall Damage: Some of the fall damage is a little weird, I sometimes take over 100 damage falling 3 or 4 blocks high, this seems to only happen on ice and glacier surfaces.

Suggestions Regarding Crafting:

  1. Machine UI: Why is the default machine page the crafting page? What was wrong with the previous page of opening the machine on the item page where you store your stuff? I suggest we should go back to the previous method of default machine page as it sometimes gets annoying to do the extra clicks and then go back to craft something.

  2. Furnace Animation: I believe at this point we should have a fire/smokey animation for the furnace when it’s active.

  3. High End Furnace: It is cool that the titanium furnace is the top of the line at the moment, however I suggest we should have a machine type furnace which is the top of the line where you can multi-smelt ores and uses spark instead of coal. This should be hard to make of course and require high end materials.

  4. Multi-crafting: Talking about multi-crafting, I think there should be a skill that exists to allow multi-crafting instead of building multiple machines all over the place. This may be an end game kind of thing, however I should believe it either should exist as a skill, or as a Crafter Profession Ability (will talk about this at Section: Profession System Suggestions, point number 1)

  5. Power Core Stacking: Why are we limited to 4 stackable power cores? I think we should have freedom on how we place our power cores, the same way we can place our storage blocks any way we please.

  6. More items desperately needed:

    • WHITE/BLACK BLOCKS PLEASE!!! (Maybe White Marble and Black Granite…make it expensive I don’t care, but at least make it available for us :stuck_out_tongue:
    • Water/Lava buckets
    • More gleam colours, I know they exist in the world, but why not available for all players at this point?

Progression Comments and Suggestions:

  1. Tool Masteries: With the exception of the chisel, what do they offer as an advantage? It just says make you better with that tool, but when I test hitting a block with a hammer before and after increasing mastery, it seems like it stays the same. Maybe explain more in the description on what it does exactly?

  2. Point System Numbering: Having SP numbers unrounded makes it very hard to plan ahead, for a game where it depends on progression skills, and the number of skills you get are rounded to the nearest 10, I believe ALL skills should be rounded to the nearest 5 at least, just to make it simple for people to plan ahead.

  3. Land Plots: I included this here as it is tied to the progression system, however I will talk more about it later here (will talk about this at Section: Profession System Suggestions, point number 1)

  4. General Suggestions:

    • I think the skills needed to increase warp distance is way too much, I think it should go down a notch.

    • I personally see no use for having a shout distance skill.

Profession System Suggestions:

  1. Professions but still Sandbox: You can still add points in anything you please, however I believe there should be a system where you choose your professions, more preferably choosing two professions where you get unique perks only to your profession. An example of this is shown below:

    • Builder: Have x % more landplots gained per level, as well as having x meters of added block placement range.

    • Crafter: Have the ability to multi craft on the same machine, as well as having the extra option of an extra level of bulk crafting.

    • Miner: Unique chance of getting x % more items from mining with a hammer, as well as having a unique increased resistance to lava damage.

    • Fighter: Have an x % chance of landing a critical hit with all weapons, as well as having a base x % resistance to monster damage.

    • And so on…

General Suggestions:

  1. Plot Donation: I think when the guild system is fully done, we should also have a guild plot donation system.

  2. Lock UI: I think the locks are missing UI options to choose who has access and who doesn’t, especially when you share beacons with other people.

  3. Health Values: I believe we should have the option to show the numerical value of health in addition to the existing bar.

  4. Music: I LOVE THE MUSIC OF BOUNDLESS, however, I think we should have different music for different biomes, or at least different dangerous locations. It feels weird hearing the calm and peaceful music while being bombarded by spitters and bombers on a purple planet :smiley:



Great list of suggestions, I completely agree with them all!


right click on any tool in your inventory that you don’t have mastery in and look at its stats - it shows penalties there


good to know

(But we still need to do a better job explaining Mastery!)


Players need to master the mastery.

@Players, should the right-click tips window be open by default?


I bet if you made the right-click tips open by default, maybe you could then right click it to leave the tip open then hover the mouse over the stats and have more tips explaining each stat


I never knew about that right click, and I guess many people wouldn’t too :slight_smile:

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either this or add it on the description when you hover over it for ease of use.


Hover tool-tips, when implemented so as to not be a nuisance from opening too quickly, are always a good thing IMHO. Could even add a toggle in the options to disable/enable hover tool-tips as well as adjustable hover-delay…


Just found out thanks to this :blush: