Naming characters & alts


I would like the ability to rename my character & alts.

It would be helpful if our character name was at the top of the character info page.

It would also be cool if basic stats of each character were on the select alt/character list page.


Couldn’t agree more!

There is so much empty space there, could contain level, coin, plots, cubits, etc.


Please! I made some bad decisions when I was a younger citizen!


First character (name Gargon)
I was just playing with the colour options. Kinda happy with.
Second character was completely random. (Xenoph) Meh.
Third character, (Syntaxx) is my main character who for most of the time, I interact with other people with.
Build with the most, gather and explore with the most. And for those who add me as a friend in game refer to me as.
Fourth character well he’s just Orange :tangerine: (Slink)
Love to be able to rename 1st & 2nd


Totally against this. I know that PS4 players get another way to identify one another but it’s never good when complete identity change is available for griefers and scammers with no penalty.

I wouldn’t mind so much if some other identifier were in play but I’m not sure if showing PSN IDs to PC players is allowable and also I’d rather not have all my characters branded with my pretty random steam ID.

Maybe add a “display name” or nickname which is shown over your characters head and in chat, but displayed in a different color to indicate it’s not your characters actual name, which could be seen by looking at the character profile?


I named a couple of alts in haste & I’d like to rename them. My main character name can stay the same, I don’t care about that. I’d just simply like to rename a couple that I gave derpy names to.

I’m a PC player & I don’t like it showing my steam ID to others(BL friends) either.

I would like to know when I’m talking to someone’s alt. I can see pro’s and con’s to both showing/hiding the info though.


What about an option to select the character that is our main and have that show after the alts name


It could help us know who we are talking to with out giving away our non Boundless IDs.


I would also like to be able to change my alt’s names lol


That’s a great one atm im working with my alts. (To gain plots on them). And had a few times that people where looking for my main character. Passed by my alts as they didn’t exist😄.

The only way to make it known is to tell everyone or to place signs every where. Explaining that’s me to.

Having the PS4 id visible is nice but to be honest if someone on pc makes an other alt you also don’t know who it is unless told.

And our id isn’t always as helpful as most have set it to private. And block msg. Especially if they have set account with ps+ (and boundless) primary on PS4. They can also make a lot grief/scam/troll accounts. With out the need to pay for it.

So if i am honest…
I see your point but it doesn’t change the fact that it already can be done.

On PS4 if you have 1 primary ps+ account all games on that account can be played with all accounts created on that PS4 without the need for ps+ and purchase of that game.