Nasag: Active players

Hey guys!
I’ve decided to settle down on Nasag world for a while, and I’ve seen some structures there (even some of them that get updated regularly and/or have new features, like stairs and doors). The thing is: I have a certain project in mind that I’d like to discuss with inhabitants of this server, and maybe find someone to build together.

So yeah, this is a “Hey, I’m on Nasag!” post, maybe there are some players looking for company too.
Here’s a pic to attract some attention.


I have a beaconed cave home there and update it every now and then. I plan to expand it on every update :wink:

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Hey there! I’ve seen your home, actually I come to it every time I log in to see the renovations. Great job! I found a location that suits my needs nearby. I can show you when/if we meet online.

Hehehe, thanx. I will be online in some days again cuz of work and much to do next to it. But yeah, I want to have a look at your place. May be it’s close enough to build a road or some bridges to it :wink:

I don’t have any “place” yet, except a temporary hideout that’s tiny and, well, hidden. It’s a temporary refuge while I choose the appopriate place for the building I’m goind to create.

Awesome placement of doors on the second story, btw :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t figure out how you placed them horizontally!

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You can build such doors with timber since the last update. Can’t remember their exact name, but they are just like trap doors :wink: … Now I only need ladders to be UNSTOPABLE! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I need to rebuild the normal doors, cuz they are not acting simultaneous since the patch :wink:

Hey @TheBirne, I’ve finished my house - feel free to come and visit! It’s not far from your home, located at 354.63, 73.90, 1073.27
Cheers :slight_smile:

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I have some dwellings there, all connected by a long float bridge that stretches nearly to the southern edge of the world.