Nausea Causing Stuttering [UPDATE]

I can only play this game for so long before I start to feel sick. There is a constant stuttering when walking around or grappling, and every block I place or destroy there is a freeze for a second. Even on my gaming computer this stutter is still present when ever doing something. I also have a lot of rubber banding on the servers closest to me (US East). I know my internet is not an issue as I can handle other online games with no internet lag.

I was able to get on the browser version of Oort and it works much better with less lag and stuttering, changed the settings to the ones I had on the pc version and it works like a charm.

Sure that isnt mostly due to headbobbing, or do you have that off? also what graphics do you use? if you use max you wont play without lag, even with a beast pc. take of per pixel lighting that helps alot in terms of fps.

I think I have had this sometimes. My fps is not bad, the game just skips frames or something. When it happens I switch servers or reboot the game and the skipping goes away.

Are you using the dx11 beta? Does the same issue happen on too?

Lowering the draw distance for me makes it more stuttery and I have all other aesthetic and lighting things on low. I’ve tried lowering these and still I get this. Maybe it’s from chunk loading or something. I’m using the dx11 because the original wouldn’t get past the click to join screen. I have no clue how to play oort on

It´s absolutely possible to play on max without lag…

Not for me, and i run a gtx 970 and an i7 processor

Maybe it has to do with download and upload speeds too.

gtx 980ti, oc i7 and 16gb ram make it possible :smile:

I only get dizzy when the panning of the camera is too smooth. Is that the same for you?

Shouldn’t need that much to play a voxel game with seamless fps

Well I havn´t built my Pc explicitly for Oort.

Anyway, similar things were discussed in this thread so I think it is most likely not only a problem with our PCs but also with the servers/the game optimization in general. You´ll most likely have to wait for a performance update like everybody is at the moment.

Try maxing out draw distance but lowering terrain detail.

brought my fps down quite a lot and the stutter is still present

browser version has solved my problems for now!

Huh? That sounds like something is terribly wrong with your system.

The desktop version could be better. I feel it does not use the hardware enough.

This problem is occurring on two separate computers so I just think future optimization will fix it. I can run GTA 5 on all normal settings just fine on this current computer.

Do you have an implemented Intel HD chip next to your graphic card? I had that and the problem that my machine always tried to use the Intel chip when playing with the client. I handled to set it on “always gfx card” which solved all my shutter and stucking problems. Can’t give you a link now cuz I’m at work but I found my solution with some googling back that time :wink:

You might want to move this topic to support so the devs can troubleshoot and make the future client better from your experience.

The only setting that I noticed having any impact on FPS was the ‘per pixel lighting’ option.
Also check the debug screen (press ‘.’) to see if it’s bad ping or low fps.