Near future feature wish list

No offense, but I think you just got to deal with it. The point of the sandbox is to collect resources in a open world environment,to craft the things you need,you can’t just cheat your way through the hard parts.

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Agreed. but ATM there isn’t much to DO with the mined grasses, leaves, trunks, stone, etc, except build. So I’ve begun a massive construction project while I wait. Dying isn’t a huge problem as I’ve cached most of my resources already, but getting knocked of my tower and having no way to get back down to my inventory is a bit painful.

Ok, so maybe I’m whining, still I can imagine it’d be line of code to change variables, or add a conditional. But tun I’m looking from the outside into a very dark box too…


Why don’t you place a block for each block you need next to your build,then get them when you die,“I” and put them back. I Think that solves your problem right?

None taken. I agree it is quite a minor issue, it just bugs me that infinite isn’t.

However, “infinite” is currently in game to allow building with ease. It is temporary, as too are our creations, based on dev posts. Therefore I don’t see it as “cheating”, and I see no reason not to make crafting a bit less tedious in the meantime.

Once OO becomes more than the really beautiful, explore and build sandbox it currently is, infinite should go. it only has a place in alpha, possibly beta (or on select worlds as suggested by @TheBirne). Until then I’d like to die, and be able to get back to the build without 20 mins of block farming before I continue… whine… :wink:


Because there is no way to place sticks, stone, or tools. (and no chests to store them in… hint hint :wink: )

Anything else is no big deal, just recollect it, go infinite and replace it, then I’m happily on my way again. Well except for some blocks like sandstone/glass which don’t persist if broken.

You can place stone and wood,just make the tools.

what i usually do is just to get 1 tree trunk, go infinite, place like 20, remove all 20 again, now you have 20 treetrunks for crafting.


He means, even if the item says infinite, when you craft with it, it will be consumed nonetheless.
So infinite means placing infinite and not crafting infinite
That part annoys me a bit too.
But since I don’t really play it atm I don’t really care^^

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We decided that as the game includes explosive arrows it would be dangerous for players to be able to craft them endlessly (without first gathering the resources). Just imaging the griefing that could occur?


Just exclude the explosive essence and maybe the arrow itself.
A “exlude certain things”- solution won’t work in the long run but at the moment there are only these two items. (If I haven’t forgotten something)
And as we just received an update a new one won’t just wait around the corner (or will it?^^)
So for the time being that would be a solution I’d support.

Do you guys really want to let the devs work on a feature that is not really a feature but a temporal solution not ment to be in the core game worlds later? o.O


It is what I do currently, and what I mean by “resource farming”.

Ok. I can support that notion.

On the other hand, how much does it really help since I could infinitely farm the resources ended to craft a full stack, use 'em, and then farm some more. Though perhaps for a griefer the hassle may get old and be a deterrent.

Ok. I withdraw my whine, and wholeheartedly jump on the “when can we get chests?” bandwagon. :wink:

Essences are only dropped from the shooter mob when killed with an arrow. It took me a solid 10 minutes to farm 10 shots.

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Good to know. I hadn’t tried to craft explosives yet, so wasn’t certain of the mechanics.


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We need more monsters and more importantly " DUNGEONS" put a couple new worlds with dungeons with new monsters, drop a couple “wearables” [shivers] and weapons and bam, fresh content everybody can enjoy, for me THIS NEEDS TO BE THE NEXT UPDATE"

Also get us involved into the dungeon level building, so mant talented builders here who could whip up dungeons to be submitted in a flash, that would be a lil weight off you devs to build.

if there is something to come like dungeons they should be procedural generated and implemented through the worldbuilder’s routines … people could only build some cells for the generator, but whole repeating dungeons would be boring :wink:

I think procedural generated dungeons (like in Hellgate:London for example) tend to be more boring than completely pre designed ones and rarely justify the increased amount of work they need.
Here is an (imo) interesting article about this.

PS: Something like dungeons was already discussed a while ago :wink:

Depends, if you have enough predesigned ones yeah thats better, however if the choice is between 4 predesigned dungeons vs procedually generate ones with say 100 different rooms which can be put in a random layout, i would take the random.

i thought about suggestiong a dungeon builder tool, think it would be cool if players could create their own dungeons and if they are good enough they could be added to the game (kinda like trove)

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The last is a especially cool idea. This ones then could be used also for temporal worlds so that there is always a good cause to search and conquer them.

There could be community events hosted by the devs in which player can contribute their works and the best ones come into the game while rhebcreators get a price like a title or some nice cosmetical item :wink:

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