Necro forum post warning

Maybe there could be a little warning flash up in this forum if someone tries to reply to a post more than a month (or some other time period) old?

Stopping old out of date info popping up at the top of the forum, or at least making it less likely to happen.

Or just auto-close topics that didn’t have post for a month or something.

At least cut off the ones from early access.

There is a warning:


(But maybe it’s not shown on all platforms?)

Sometimes I think it is correct to continue an older conversation. Especially if you think about the forum as a knowledge base.

But I imagine this comes down to personal preferences about forums.

Some of the categories are setup to autoclose. We can configure this on more (or all) categories if that is considered the best way to run a forum.


I don’t mind some of the old posts, they can be interesting and sometimes a good reminder of how far things have come… or not.


Dunno about other forums, this is the only one I’ve ever posted on!

Haven’t seen that warning on any platform I’ve used, and I’ve accidently necro’d. But I guess it depends on how long it’s been set to.

I agree, I don’t think post should be closed or blocked off, as there is still value in the old posts, but as you guys keep updating and improving the game, lots of the info will not be current.

If say if there is been no activity in the post for 28 days, the warning should come up.

And in the warning, have a notification that some of the information may no longer be current.

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A lot of the dev content from years ago is still current.

and a lot of it isnt!

That is true

Any possibility of changing the background or colour of the text for outdated information? I suppose that would have to be manual unless its a blanket change across every post before September 2018
Which I think would work ok, whether the information is outdated or not its good to see right away if its old

That would be nice, but I think it would take a lot of manual work, hence time, that could be used for something more interesting (launching farming for example!).

I think something to show that you are replying to an old post would definitely be if benefit.