Need a TNT Portal

I need to get a portal to TNT. I have found a couple of Discord invites but they don’t work. I am not sure who to contact. Get me on characters Mocto or Maltaros in game or get back to me here.

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@Soju-VB, @ChaosMkr1122, @uni3k, @Primetime18 are some of the guys that you can get help from

Thanks! Will get it taken care of.


Leaders & Portal Executives of TnT

Ok this happend 7x already why
everyone keep coming to me to get a portal at TnT I think it’s Hilarious but it’s weird


no one asks you for a cookie anymore? :grin:

moving from cookies to portals would be a radical career change lol

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BabyCookie, I’ve had tons of people in the past couple of years that have also came to me for a TNT portal and name changes on the signs. Even though I couldn’t help the way they wanted me to, I did contact TNT workers on discord for them. Made me feel a little important at the time. :slight_smile:


@Phyre-Fly @BabyCookie you guys are important and are amazing.

Pretty soon I should be having more time available to help with the portals. The new job is quite demanding due to a recent restructuring. I do intend on continuing what I was working on prior to being snatched away :slightly_smiling_face:


@BabyCookie I want some of your :cookie: s and I want you to build me something amazing hahah

Your amazing! :slight_smile: