Need an update to the chat box and menus


The way the chat boxes work now offers no customization.
Should be able to

  • add and create your own custom channels by allowing players to pick what channels they want to display at all times.
  • be able to change custom presets by just clicking another tab
    *change chat color and chat box color how transparent and opaque it is.
    *do /commands to send text into different channels. /guild /trade /ect. Say would be standard /toggle shout would toggle shout.
    *scale the chat box to whatever size you want or get rid of it or shrink it to a small icon.

No need to rewrite the book on chat boxes plenty of games have a pleasing chat box that can be recreated in boundless. Like this one from city of heroes.

You can see they decided to have 2 chat boxes with the top one having combat info plus notifications in one box and they set the bottom box to have guild messages and regular chat messages in the same box.


What I would like to see (or hear) is a noise or tick or something when you reach the text limit. Every message I write in chat ends abruptly and have to re-type my message…
A longer character limit would be really nice too.


I seem to be always missing messages …a persistent chat box which incorporates all the selected channels, as described above, would be just the ticket.


Ditto… I didn’t even know about my PM channel and had to go back when I finally saw it and apologize to all the folks I ignored going back a month or so. :flushed:


yeah doesnt work for me either i still do everything how i did it before chat updates