Need ice colours

The ice colours below are the ones i still need along with the amounts i need for each one, i don’t have the time to get these myself with the gleampops so i’m wondering if anyone here is able to give me what i need so offer a price if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

-dark cobalt 4
-dark berry 5
-dark violet 3
-dark rose 4
-night berry 5
-night fuchsia 5
-night orange 5
-oxide rose 5
-oxide green 1
-oxide blue 4
-oxide violet 5
-ashen taupe 5
-rust lime 5
-rust taupe 4
-rust fuchsia 5
-rust violet 3
-bright violet 5
-luminnous azure 3
-cold slate 5
-weary mustard 5
-weary yellow 5
-crisp lime 2
-luminous moss 4
-ashen blue 4
-rust blue 2
-night lilac 5
-luminous yellow 2

Weary mustard, weary yellow, dark rose, and dark berry I believe werent possible to get from gleambow pops. Maybe very very small chance

That’s what people said about black but look at that now, there is always a chance to find it.

Check The Ice Cave. A2 at SR USE, he might have what you are looking for.

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Is that @Bonez307’s place? Was gonna suggest that.

I’ll have a look at what I’ve got when I’m on - you can just have any that I might have :grin:


Was there, he did have 3 of the colours before I put this up but he mostly sells pure colours


I have other colors in storage that I can get on to take a look at. If I have any of those I will let you know and you can just have em! Ty for checking out the shop :slight_smile:

Also ty Spoodle for recommending it!


Not to step on anybody’s toes but I have 9 of the colors you’re looking for if you’re still interested.


That will be much appreciated thank you

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You’re not stepping on anyone’s toes yet haha, I am still interested whenever you are able to give me these.

I’ll really appreciate that, but will let you know of colours when i update the list

I’ve got a pretty good variety stashed. I’ll check what I have. Are you in-game now?

Yes i am

10 char

This has been completed
so no need to check anymore @Bonez307 @j0kerfarm1 @Spoodle


Um, I’m actually missing about four colours from your list. I can drop them off now. TNT okay?

Sorry in advance :grimacing:

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