Need Red candy canes 1000c each

I need 54 red candy canes in order to finish my Oortmass Doll collection because dumb ol me miscalculated the amount i needed. :upside_down_face:

so I’m willing to buy your red candy canes for 1000c or you can be nice and give them to me for free even though it’s not Christmas a time of giving gifts to one another lol :stuck_out_tongue:

We can trade so you get the most out of it if you want that is :eyes:

I’ll check what I have when I get on, definitley got some but I think I’ve less than 230
Will check soon for you :slight_smile:

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At this stage I’ll take what i can get so thank you @Trickyy90

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Okay so I only have 81 but they’re all yours :slight_smile: pretty sure you revived me more times than that :laughing:


Thank you again, I’m fairly certain i have :smile:

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I’m bumping this up to 1000c as i only need 54 red candy canes left I’m so close :weary:

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I have some I think - yup, I can supply the remaining 54 canes you need.


That would be awesome and thank you, when can we meet?

I’ll jump in game now - let me know a hub near you and we can meet there if it’s convenient

TNT is best and easy so see you there

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