Need Sign Changed in Gyosha Mall

@majorvex I like the sign thank you! Could you change the purple to and emerald green or if you think red would look better go with that.

Dragon Tamer
Twisted Dragon Supplies

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I’m standing right next to you changing the sign…hehehe
The red didn’t show up too well so I went with green. It might be too bright tho. Lemme know :+1:

LOL No I like the green but ill have to craft black sign for you. I wanted supplies left the color it was XD but don’t make a special trip just fix it when you happen to be going by.

The signs are black. If you prefer, I can switch it to rock instead of wood. I’ll put supplies back to the color it was…

Different mat displays differently.
As vex said she had them alrdy in black… althogh in wood… so in stone those are more “clearer” i think

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