Need something farming? Let me know!

Hey, me and a few friends (4 of us) are looking to make some extra coins.

If anyone needs any resources farming can you let me know:

  1. Which resource
  2. How many
  3. How much coins each

Thanks in advance

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200 dark orange thorns (Xa Frant)
250 stale cerulean thorns (lamblis)

Hows 10c ea sound? I dont know the going rate as almost no one sells it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Will get that sorted for you for tomorrow if that’s okay?

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Sounds great!

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Vien à Québec nos registre son plein :grin::wink:

Ill pay 10 ea for evey type of blue tree trunk. As many blue kinds as possible, but no more then a smart stack of each.
(Dont need the blue one from serp but any other)

I dont know how many kinds of blue tree one can get, maybe more if one can use transfomation chisel on trunks i dunno.

But i have 150k for this so if you get me 15 stacks of different kind of blue tree trunks. Then 150k is yours

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You can use a type change chisel on tree trunks and timber.

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We will get onto it tomorrow. Not sure about 15 stacks but can see what we can do

Im fine with even just a couple. Was more to let you know my max budget :stuck_out_tongue:

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We will see how much we can get farmed, looking for them will take a while mind

Not tying to hijack the thread, but Jacey didn’t seem sure if he could fill the whole request.
If you’re after the Australian server blue wood, check out The Outback Shack at Gyosha Mall (shop 53).

Two blues in stock at half of what you’re willing to pay :slight_smile:

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The reason im out after a sortiment is im gonna try to make a tardis and im not a great builder, cant plan and all that i just need to figure it out by trying hence as much stuff to play with as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to advertise a shop can you please create your own post. Thanks


Oooooooooh…that’s gonna be insane!

Hi can you add me on discord please


Hey, @Tomir I’ve got 6 stacks of 3 different colours if that’s okay?
Well we have a little over 2 stacks of each but can add the extra in free of charge :slight_smile:
So it’ll be 6 stacks in total
My discord is JaceyLive#8208 if you would like to arrange a place to meet

Hi @TheGamerfuls I have got the requested items if you would like to arrange a place and time to meet

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Awesome! Let me know on discord where you want to meet. I can set up a request basket at my build too if you want

Awsome!!! Ill be on at 12-16:00 gmt tomorrow.
Thx a bunch!

I hope so!! i mean with portal system you can avtually make it bigger on the inside :sunglasses::grin:

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