Neglecting the Oort Online News Section

First of all, I’d like to give a big thanks to the developers for this Oort Online community that, so far, has been a great place for discussion about Oort, the development of it, games in general, and most importantly, losing our toast. Now - to what I’d like to discuss. I’ve noticed that the bigger this community has been getting, the more it’s been “abandoning”, so to speak, the main Oort Online site. I’m not saying that we’re taking away from the site, but I think that the news section has been a bit neglected.

There was a time when there was a new post every day or every other day. However recently, there was a 19-day gap between the posts. I do not feel anybody is to blame, or that the devs are lazy - and perhaps I’m overthinking this, and that they were just more used to spending time here than moderating the main site.

My point is that the news section is somewhat neglected in comparison to the forum activity, and the dev activity within; therefore, we could simply move that to here. One solution could be to simply keep the news section in the “hub-bar” and have it link to the forums, like the devlog section. In turn, this could bring people who only checked the news once in a while to being active members of the Oort Online community. Another solution could be linking main dev announcements and such to the news section, that way those who don’t visit the forums can still get the important information.

Of course I’m not one to be in charge of all this, and that I’m just making wild guesses and suggestions, but being a concerned player of the publicity, I think that having the news section the way it is can discourage those who are only looking to the main page for their info.

I would like to hear what you guys think, and how crazy you’re metaphorically looking at me now, so feel free to discuss how we can continuing improving not only the game, but the community taking care of it.

P.S. I’m quite tired, so I may regret making this post if I notice that all of this was stupid and in vain.


there havent been news every 2nd day, there is usually a 10 - 13 day gap. they post the same as they used to. all of the info they give us here have never been on the news section but rather on twitter.

@dwarvenname has a good point often a lot of people don’t have the time to participate in the forums, so checking the website for news is often the answer. By the time the amount of updates have fallen a bit.

Maybe make a weekly summary of the devlogs?

We have been neglecting it, you’re right. We’ll do better going forwards. Thanks for the nudge.


On that note, is there any thing we as backers/community can do to help with communications/forums etc ?

Tweet, Facebook, Reddit, 9Gag, shout out of a window everything.

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