Networks to ALL Public Planets

Hey I’m looking for a 3rd network on Minorengle, that offers access to all public planets.

Currently connected to Ultima and TNT. Id’ like to open a third but if there’s more I might connect to them.

Is there another currently?


There is fortune… don’t know if it is connected with all the planets yo could find out know route…
TNT Lamblis :point_right:t2: portal 1 should have a connection.
Also know Cosmicvibrations has a portal to.

Not sure if Tiggs Tunnels is still around as my portals all sut down and didn’t come across it :wink:

That’s the most of the portal network i know of. (With ult and tnt)


I’ll look for it. Do you know if pharao (not sure the spelling) is still alive?

I thought they were upper tier only but I’m not sure and haven’t seen any portals in a while.

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Not sure if pharaoh’s is still around but also believe it was only upper tier…

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@Turrican2006 owns pharaohs :wink: and believe @Solgato was running tigg’s tunnels @fortunist or @fortunist1 runs fortune

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Fortune is mostly about farms and therefore not connected to all planets. About 40 out of 50 planets.
Connection to Fortune via TNT Gellis. Go southeast at block museum for a Fortune labeled portal.

Pharao is still around. As mentioned only high tier planets.
Connection from River Towns, TNT second upper level north, The Future and more

Vikings got a T6 network.
Connected at TNT sov wall or Ult US East.

Those are the ones I know that are currently active in addtion to TNT and ULT.


It’s still around as of yesterday when I last checked.

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@Nightstar @Tmmk @cagian @Lorgar yes i am still there and my Network IS connected from Pharao’s Kingdom second floor on TNT and on Main Floor direct to high Tier its in the Back of the Main Floor from TNT.
Also reachable from RTG all high Tier planets permanent and some Sovereign Most of These are shut down in the Last few days … But there are still some left .

So use the Network of you Like and If you want to Connect let me know. This Network IS running since two years now …

Greetings Turrican2006


Tigg’s are gone

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