New and looking for fellow youtubers

Hey guys, I am happy to be one of the backers of this game, I have a small YouTube channel and I would like to grow it with this game with any other YouTubers out there. I am completely new, so I will learn a little bit about the game first. If you are interested, please email me on:

My YouTube channel:

Thank you and have fun :smile:


First…good luck on your road to stars!

2nd you might want to ask tips,help, guidance or possible partnership from our Oortian youtubers
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I have some experience as I used to share my live-streaming content and clan events there (and few amvs), but no actual youtube experience. If you plan to have larger building projects shared in youtube, I could come help as background member, but I´m not suitable for becoming your partner or fellow content maker.

You could try making one video about Oort first and then share it here. Maybe somebody will then see themselves as fellow youtube partner.

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okay i will do one and see, thanks alot buddy :slight_smile: