New Bomb Boons

There is 2 Bomb boons i’ll like to see at some point and those are:

  • 1: No Block Damage / No Terrain Damage
  • 2: Insta explode / explode in hand

So nr. 1 is for fighting mobs and not makeing big holes in the ground which is annoying.
And nr. 2 is for those who like to some solo hunting, so that you dont have to wait for a healing bomb to explode and it rolling away from you. Can also be use for regen.


I suggested #1 3 months ago.

So far I am yet to see a dev response.

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I would like to see them fix the RNG on the centraforge first before they add new boons into the possible outcome on things

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I’d be interested in a Proximity Mine bomb variant. Would that be OP for meteors, though since you generally know where the mobs come from?