New Brew/Food to Increase Control



I know we’ve been getting a lot of new food/brew suggestions but this one can be helpful to builders who are over ambitious (want to build so far away from them) or builders who dont want to keep respec-ing). What do you guys think of a new food/brew that gives a boost to control? I have 2 skill pages with full control but at times, i still find myself a few blocks short of reaching the desired block to build on. It became intensified now with me needing to build an 11x11 plots ceiling. It’d be a nightmare to build a temporary elevated floor (so i can reach the ceiling) then take down the temporary floor aaaaand go thru that again when building the real floor (the one a few blocks lower from the temporary floor). What are your thoughts?


LOL, Adderal brew?


Lol Control is the skill of distance… Oortians dont need no drugs xD


I’m all for this. This is why I think skill page should be reformatted.


Not only is it an 11x11 plots ceiling but also i have to rotate myself 90 degrees every block i lay in order to draw the pattern. OCD in this game is a torture.


hands shaking Hang on! takes mega fast brew Ok, that’s better! You were saying??? :joy:


Mega Control brew* :stuck_out_tongue: xD