New contest: boundless-related banner advertisements for

Hi guys! I was thinking how nice it is that there are no banner ads on my website (or any of the linked ones other than YouTube and twitch, AFAIK), and was thinking that it would be cool and fun to have a banner ad contest. Somebody joked I should put banner ads on the website - don’t worry, there will be no “real” banner ads.

Make a banner ad for your mall, your town, your guild, your shop, your build, your in-game resource, whatever. Make it animated and fun (but try to keep it relatively lightweight, say under 200kb or so - let me know if this is too small). It should be legible on both mobile and desktop. You probably want to have the ad say how to get there. Someone smart, please post what an ideal resolution for said banners would be :blush: 468x60 seems to be the standard size for banner ads if nobody objects.

The winner gets their banner ad at the bottom of for 2 weeks; second and third place each get one week of ad placement. I’m undecided about having a coin prize since I don’t want to compete with the naughty boats contest, more on that later. You don’t need to have a website to participate; the ad could link to a forum post or to a discord.

The current banner ad to beat is @HOST ‘s crymoar banner :blush: But it is huge. @HOST, can you make it a bit smaller filesize-wise? It is larger than the whole website even after I shrunk it down to 550kb, haha.

Not sure yet what an appropriate duration for this contest would be, haha. Maybe until March 14th? I don’t want it to compete with the naughty boats contest. I feel like it isn’t really competing for people’s boundless gaming time in the same way though. Feel free to submit a banner ad for your boat! And I’ll rotate in some selected banners as they are submitted.