New Devs on The Block!

Hi everyone!

The wonderful Boundless Dev team is growing, myself and Sam are the latest additions and we wanted to introduce ourselves.

I’m Steggs, Product Support Lead at Wonderstruck. In essence, my job is make sure the community is happy and healthy, listen to your feedback (and send it on the relevant developer!), and work on getting our releases as bug free as possible. Your experience is my priority, so feel free to give me a shout if you need anything.

Some of you may know me from YouTube, but what you probably don’t know is that I’ve been in the games industry for around 7 years in both QA Lead and Community Manager roles. I’ve worked on things like Little Big Planet, Fable and most recently, Fractured Space.

If you have any questions, tag me in a post!

Sam will introduce himself below… (take it away, Sam!)


Hey guys,

Cheers for the intro Steggs! I’m Sam, and I’m the new Community Lead here at Wonderstruck, dealing with all things comms-related. I’ve been familiarising myself with the game and the community and I have to say I can’t wait to get started with such a creative and active bunch of players - some of the builds I’ve seen are insane!

I’ve been in and around the industry for a number of years too - I actually worked with Steggs on a previous project so looking forward to bringing our tag-team approach to Boundless!

Cheers all, see you in-game soon!


Oh god its steggs. :neutral_face:. I dont wanna play this game. Welcome aboard :sunglasses:


Hey guys :wave:


Hurray! :tada: :tada: :tada:

I’m very glad to see new faces :wink:


Welcome to the ride!


Hahaha, I can’t believe it!!!

First thought: hm, guy has the same name as The Steggs, there will be two in forums, what a coincidence

Second thought: wow :smiley:

Awesome, glad to see you back. We’ve come a long way since you’ve been building that boat :thinking:


Welcome back steggs. Been wondering where you have been. Congrats on the new position.

And also a big welcome to Sam.


Welcome guys! And @Steggs101! So cool. Congrats buddy. :slight_smile:


@Steggs101 and @SamF , welcome, nice to meet both of you, I guess be ready, this community is awesome.


Good good… new devs to offer to the Oortian gods… good good… :smiley:

You do get a complimentary beer on me to each of the devs if I ever meet any of you guys (requires me to travel to Europe) for making a game that I’ve been able to sink hundreds of hours in and still feel like I’ve got countless hundreds of hours in me still.

Welcome though both of you, @Steggs101 and @SamF , I am looking forward to what you both will bring to the table. Just don’t eat my lunch that I left in the fridge! :smiley:


Welcome! to this amazing Community! hope to see you @SamF and @Steggs101 On some great hunts in the future :slight_smile:

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Holy Oort it IS the same Steggs!! That’s pretty exciting! Good to have you back in the Boundless universe! Welcome to SamF too! Y’all hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride to 1.0!


Woooohooo! :confetti_ball:

I give you my best welcome to you guys :nyhappy:

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Cool to meet you! I hope you will feel well here, but I have no doubt that you will experience a long and warm welcome from all the ppl here :wink:

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I figured those positions would need to be created and filled. This game has the potential to be bigger than Minecraft. What comes with that, is 20k-500k players all wanting to voice their communication at the same time. That’s a huge difference than what we have now.

Very exciting indeed. It’s definitely a sign the game is about to launch. Welcome aboard @Steggs101 and @SamF .


OMG @Steggs101 didn’t know you did this sort of work, awesome to see you return to Boundless though!

And a very warm welcome to @SamF welcome to Boundless!


A warm welcome to both of you @Steggs101 and @SamF :+1: :smile:

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Cheers guys, been loving my time in-game so far - I’ve started construction on a cool little waterfront shack on Therka. I’m some way off capital status but baby steps and all that!


This sounds like an treasure hunt! Who ever finds @SamF shack will receive fame and glory beond recognising! All we know is it close to water and on Therka! Hehe

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