New emotes

So, now that the in-game chat has been fixed. Can we get a dance emote please???

We could finally have a nice dance party in one of the many LED room!!


yes pls
/push (funny and deathly when you realy push somone maybe only let it work on friends like the grappling)


Ohhh I love your suggestions!!

They could easily replace the pointing emotes imo if it’s a matter of number of emotes available

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What about “flexing” and “Chest thumping”?


Yep, definitely would love a dance and hug one! :smiley: Also a sleep one - something to use when afk in particular. :wink:


I definitely want an afk emote!! Sleeping would be a good one

An Oortian ‘thank you’ would be useful too!

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I use sitting for afk :slight_smile: More emotes would be nice, especially dance


I would love if there was more than one kind of dance as well- i’d pay for dance moves hint hint


Yep, all the dance and instrument emotes in ESO lead to a ton of fun in that game at times, can never have too many emotes IMO! :grin:

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OMG I would be so utterly stoked if we could have some kind of instrument emotes that would allow us to play different instruments and pose as bands together!!!

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For some reason, I’m picturing a citizen with a bagpipe here… I don’t know why that strikes me as perfect… :joy:

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“For some reason, I’m picturing a citizen with a bagpipe here… I don’t know why that strikes me as perfect… :joy:


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That’s a great idea tbf, a way for the game to generate income over and over again without the risk of ‘pay2win’ branding :ok_hand:


I would like the devs to ensure that those emotes purchased however would be owned by your account- not just by character. that way they could be kept no matter what character you had.


If it was paid to unlock that for cubit purchase by your characters? that way it could still easily fit in the system but be linked to our Boundless accounts?


I agree, if paid for directly with cash they should be account bound. Perhaps, in general, anything bought with cubits is character bound. Whereas anything bought with cash is account bound.

An argument could be made like “we can already buy cubits with cash and then buy the emotes with the cubits” but I feel like (I’m not an economist) but having something only available via cash, that would generate more revenue?


Also, paying for things that are purely cosmetic is widely accepted in the gaming community at this point. Games such as Fortnite and Overwatch are to thank for the wide spread acceptance of that I think.


This goes back to what I were saying in HSE chat the other night about them needing certain items like emotes or cosmetics to the game can be added in a way that can generate that additional revenue for them. I agree that if it’s Cosmetic I totally approve of paying that extra bit to earn it.

separate from the emotes I would love them to include new things like gemstone fists and make those unlockable learned recipes from cubit boxes- that would give incentive for people to either earn the boxes or still pay some cash for the cubits to unlock it.

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Yeh exactly :slight_smile: I have no idea about the bank of Wonderstruck, nor do I want to ready, but more money can only result in a better game for us :nerd_face:

Yeh that’s a cool idea, I only really hunt with fists, I just prefer the playstyle of them. So if I can reduce the “elemental resist” whilst attacking mobs, I’m all for it!