New epic hub! (Finata) - Looking for founders on the outlying planets!



Hi all!
I’ve been busy creating a new hub away from the centre of Ultima, with an Epic build above it (Inspired by many members of the community)

It can be found through Centless itself (Ultima Hub & Mall) - called the ‘Crypt’

I’m looking for traders who have planetary shops within Finata’s reach who want to grab a portal (3x4, or a standard 2x2) - You’ll need to message me for sign colours on Discord (@Salvatory), or leave a message here!

The planets include: Biitula, Phem, Angel, Cephonix, Refgar, Circapous, Eresho, Gloviathosa, Sochaltin, Imoco, Kada, Minorengle, Alder, Xa Frant, Gellis, Gyosha Ophin, Becon, & Boori., and can also have East/West Finata

I am always active in driving traffic to my previous shop ‘Centless’, and will move my shop to the hub, thus driving traffic there instead (to help you guys get exposure)


Speaking of Centless…how does everyone like the prices at Centless?

Good luck with the hub. Looks nice


Cheapest coils in game :wink: Everything else isn’t priced correctly (too busy mining like CRAZY)


haha don’t forget to peek at the outside, place is siiiick


Bumped to add planets we want to connect to with shop owners in description.


So some sort of satanic cathedral with a pentagram and a crypt?


Satanic? Noooo :slight_smile: Pentagrams are usually Judeo/Christian, or pagan… the satanic ones are usually inverted


Just like Satanists utilize the inverted cross- doesn’t mean the cross is Satanic. They invert the symbols to make it theirs.


Ok, it all looks a bit satanic, jut my opinion though!


Yes agreed, but in modern western culture the pentagram does generally have an occult symbolism.


Place looks awesome. The style is right up my alley, and I would love to build there. Butttt, I don’t run a shop and Finata is terrible for US West players. Best of good luck though. I may stop by some time to see it in person.


The first pentacle is found on a lintel of a Jewish synagogue in Caperneum on the Sea of Galilee. It dates to about 375 CE. Yes, this is the same place where Jesus spent his time as a young man.


Does that sign in hebrew mean “Equality”?


Nope! :wink: (Not as far as I know, and the script is ancient)


Like “David’s star”, im wearing a necklace like this right now.


The Star of David has 6 points.


This isn’t quite true either. The way you have it is the symbol of the pagan goddess, Gaia. And inverted is the horned God. Other names include the oak king, holly king, and green god. He is associated with nature and life.

The symbol was perverted and corrupted to be seen as a sign of Satan. The horned God looks very much like a satyr in many descriptions.

So the symbol, both ways, are actually of good intentions.


Ok, I’ve checked it. The script cannot be ancient since it’s meaning is post-ancient. And the letters chiselled by you are very modern (post-print era).

right t-o left: Yod-He-Shin-Vav-He

I’m just wondering why are you so shy about your beliefs? Just trying to look mysterious maybe?


I love the build, did you did that in magicavoxel first?


It’s better that those who have an interest/curiosity discover it for themselves :slight_smile: The whole top build is a statement to myself - a reminder of roots of sorts, with embedded symbolism for those who have that leaning to engage with :slight_smile: