New: Exo announcements PSN group

I am starting a PSN group for exo announcements. Message me on PSN if you want to join (my PSN is my forum username)

Please don’t use the group for chatter - I can make a second group for that if people want. Just use the group to say the name (and other info like where to warp from and what tier it is) if you are the first person to spot the exo. That way people who ONLY want exo announcements won’t get pushed out of the group by a ton of messages. I will make a PSN community too for exos and DKMall with @bucfanpaka if people want to use it to chat and make friends and ask questions (separate from the announcements only group)

Also, I will be making a PSN hunt announcements group too. Let me know if you’d like to be invited. I don’t really hunt so I’ll probably only be in that group for a week or two so that I can add people. Same rules: announcements only, no chatter. Maybe a 30 minute announcement for each hunt?

You can also post your PSN here if you’d prefer to join that way, but that doesn’t protect your privacy.

Thanks all!


Great idea! I’m trying - unless I were to see someone beat me to it - to put a line in the Community Events chat channel about any new exo I see pop. Usually offering a taxi with it. :slight_smile: But that won’t catch people playing something else, haha… :wink: Didn’t think to do a PSN group! (I see an exo announcement, sorry ESO zerg I’m with or whatever, see ya later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


Great to have this alongside discord and forum, more when my phone is out of battery! :grin:
I will join for sure

@DKPuncherello I’ll message you on PSN