New forging feat for me

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Finally i was able to make a rank 480 :slight_smile:


Great work! That’s not easy to do!

Very nice job!

May I ask how many rounds it took?

I’d be interested in the recipe you’re using. I can get similar results, but never without any Quirks.

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That’s awesome Dude. Those new mats are tough to forge

@CorVeritas That one took around 400+ turns to make. With a bit of changes and new rotations im around 298-305 turns now.

@Firehazurd I can give you some hints and tips on how i made them. Mostly because just giving the recipe away would be less fun, if you enjoy forging. I would just say pick a compound you like using. If you just dont want deal with quirks or defects and removal of quirk/defect boons in the process, just go with pure compound.

I’m not going to lie, I can’t even think about what it needs to get to that many rounds o.o.

Are you saying you forged that with pure boon compound? If you did… I need to rethink my life as a forger.

I did :slight_smile: There is a bit more to it but i only used the pure boon compound “no other compound” for that forge.

couldn’t get the gif to show up but "Fine… keep your secrets :wink: "

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That. Is a valuable item. Care to auction it off?

I dont mind giving hints and tips. But for me it was a really fun challenge to find a way to do it. If i gave it away to everyone it would destroy the fun for others who are doing the same.
At the moment im looking into other methods to be able to do 480s. Like @MrNix knows like 4+ methods to make them. And ive told him not to reveal them to me since its so much fun.

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I agree with this. Though it would be fun to have a roundtable discussion and just spitball ideas. Like just mentioned one ingredient that’s different and be like, boom.

@CorVeritas It does help talking with someone about it. Its easy to get stuck with the same forging components which doesnt work. Just make sure you read and understand all the forging components “compounds, pastes, catalyst etc…” Its easy to miss small things.

Like you said before “I’m not going to lie, I can’t even think about what it needs to get to that many rounds o.o.”
Check all the stuff and see what would prolong the forging.

Oh, I’ve got a lot of rounds in before. I just use up too much vigour not being careful and catalysting at the right time.

My main goal has been finesse since my supplies are limited. No one sells paste like they used too…

May I ask, are you using any gums, and if so, how many? Thank you :slight_smile:

(This replied to me, but I think the forums are doing their funny replying thing.)

If it’s me, then gums may be a necessity in order to get more stability

ah sorry CorVeritas, I clicked on the wrong reply button!!

My original question was to MassiveMorgan about how many gums you use?
If you don’t mind me asking, of course? :slight_smile:

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Sorry been farming rift and blink.

I only use 1 gum in my setup on slings but all other gears i use none. Sling got to many boons compared to all other gear. Its a bit risky using gum but if you got good rng it shouldnt be any problem.

Creegle right now he has it for sale in our shop in the new ultima hub for 100k =D its called Kitty meow meow limited and Morgans purrfect forges. there is a portal off of DKs ultima tree. (im replying to this because he went to bed we play together)